#67 Barbarella – Original Soundtrack Recording

This album has already appeared on randomrecordreview once – my original vinyl copy given as a present from a dear friend. This is a CD release that I bought a few years earlier. Obviously the music is the same, but the experience of listening to it is different. It always is. I don’t care what … Continue reading #67 Barbarella – Original Soundtrack Recording


#1095 R.E.M. – Around The Sun

This is generally regarded to be REM’s worst album (or least best, if you’re feeling generous) and it’s easy to hear why. That said, REM’s least best is usually better than most of the ‘next big thing’ indie pop albums that may be storming the charts, so these things are always relative. Relatively speaking, this … Continue reading #1095 R.E.M. – Around The Sun

#795 Nellie McKay – Get Away From Me

Witty, literate, and talented, Ms McKay was 21 years old when she released this in 2004, her debut album. A double album. And if issuing a double album for your debut doesn’t ooze enough confidence already, then you should hear what she has to offer. The title is a piss take on Norah Jones’ worldwide … Continue reading #795 Nellie McKay – Get Away From Me

#1222 Angus & Julia Stone – A Book Like This

This is nice indie folky pop, with close harmonies and acoustic guitars. It’s the debut record from the Australian brother and sister duo, released in 2007. Sometimes its hard to tell which one is singing on which song, their vocals sound so similar, but Julia often has an (at times annoying) whiny twang akin to … Continue reading #1222 Angus & Julia Stone – A Book Like This

#337 Noël Coward – Mad Dogs & Englishmen

This two CD compilation of over 40 songs still represents a drop in the ocean of Coward’s prolific output. It includes two live performances, at Las Vegas in 1955 and New York in 1956, and it’s clear from the audience’s rapturous reception and familiarity with the songs that he was as popular with the Americans … Continue reading #337 Noël Coward – Mad Dogs & Englishmen