#1599 Frank Zappa – Hot Rats

I woke up to Peaches En Regalia in my head the other morning. Which made a nice change to the usual nursery rhyme earworms that we sing to our daughter every day and now seem to be buried deep into my subconscious. I think of Hot Rats as Zappa’s first success at gaining musical credibility … Continue reading #1599 Frank Zappa – Hot Rats

#657 Jimi Hendrix – The Cry Of Love

This is the first, and arguably the most authentic, of the posthumous releases of Jimi Hendrix material. It consists of studio tracks that he was recording for his fourth album before he died in September 1970 at the tender ‘dead rock star’ age of 27. Compared to the inventive studio and guitar wizardry he demonstrated … Continue reading #657 Jimi Hendrix – The Cry Of Love

#1559 John Williams – Spanish Guitar Favourites

John Williams recorded this album when he was 17 years old. 17!! For some reason, I always thought he was British, possibly because I associate him with one of his contemporaries, the Englishman Julian Bream. Williams trained in the UK and his first professional performance was at the Wigmore Hall in London. He is, however, … Continue reading #1559 John Williams – Spanish Guitar Favourites

#1188 Sigur Ros – Hvarf/Heim

A double disc set from the Icelandic post-rock group, released in 2007 along with the documentary film Heima. The first disc Hvarf, is a five-track collection of rarities from their vaults, dating from 1995 to 2002. The second, Heim, has six live acoustic performances from some of their best known tracks from roughly the same … Continue reading #1188 Sigur Ros – Hvarf/Heim