#549 Gang Of Four – A Brief History of the Twentieth Century

 If it’s post-punk political funk you want, it doesn’t get any better than this. Gang of Four, named after China’s Gang of Four of the Cultural Revolution in the late 60s-70s, wear their political left-learnings on their sleeve, their song lyrics dealing with the destructive failings of capitalism (Capital (It Fails Us Now) and To … Continue reading #549 Gang Of Four – A Brief History of the Twentieth Century

#1444 Various Artists – Rough Trade Shops: Post Punk Vol 01

Rough Trade Shops do good comps. I have a few of theirs, this one was a present from a friend when released in 2005. When the album was released, not my friend. Not that she’s still incarcerated. Or ever was! I give up. Moving swiftly on... Post-punk, like most music genre labels, has only as … Continue reading #1444 Various Artists – Rough Trade Shops: Post Punk Vol 01

#699 John’s Children – Orgasm

This is about as diametrically opposed to Joan Armatrading’s music as it’s possible to be, and that’s why I love music as an artform so much: its SO personal. Plus why I love re-exploring my record collection in this wonderfully random way. I bought this record earlier this year in an excellent record shop in … Continue reading #699 John’s Children – Orgasm

#1292 Talking Heads – 77

My introduction to Talking Heads was hearing Once In A Lifetime on the radio (Dave Lee Travis if memory serves) and being absolutely BLOWN AWAY. I bought Remain In Light on vinyl soon after; one of the first bought items in my record collection. I then worked backwards sporadically and bought this, their debut, from … Continue reading #1292 Talking Heads – 77

#298 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Nocturama

This album is often considered to be ‘lesser’ than the rest of Cave’s recent oeuvre. I don’t think so. I much prefer it to Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! and think it’s rather underrated and contains not only some great individual songs, but as an album appears to be a junction box of the various fuses Nick … Continue reading #298 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Nocturama

#320 The Clash – London Calling

This is a double album for god’s sake. A double album! Punk bands aren’t meant to release anything this long. Never Mind the Bollocks is barely 20 mins each side. There’s some rock classics on here: London Calling being the pick of the crop. Rudie Can’t Fail, Spanish Bombs, Lost in the Supermarket, The Guns … Continue reading #320 The Clash – London Calling

#1205 Patti Smith – Land (1975-2002)

Patti Smith, the punk poet laureate; there’s no one else quite like her. She stands alone yet has influenced many: from PJ Harvey to Peaches. Rock and Roll and women in rock wouldn’t be the same without her. This compilation is as idiosyncratic as she is, covering a generous 30 songs over 2 CDs and … Continue reading #1205 Patti Smith – Land (1975-2002)