#439 Electrelane – The Power Out

If the Velvet Underground has been an all-female band hailing from Brighton, singing songs in English, French, Spanish and German on subject matter ranging from Nietzsche to Radclyffe Hall to Siegfried Sassoon then they would have sounded pretty much like this. Music-wise this album is not quite so eclectic as the lyrical content, with a … Continue reading #439 Electrelane – The Power Out

#1599 Frank Zappa – Hot Rats

I woke up to Peaches En Regalia in my head the other morning. Which made a nice change to the usual nursery rhyme earworms that we sing to our daughter every day and now seem to be buried deep into my subconscious. I think of Hot Rats as Zappa’s first success at gaining musical credibility … Continue reading #1599 Frank Zappa – Hot Rats

#1514 The Village People – Power Of The Night

The Village People, one of the world’s most successful and arguably most outrageous, manufactured bands. Born in the febrile mind of Moroccan-born Frenchman Jacques Morali in 1977. Playing with archetypal alpha-male stereotypes: the policeman, soldier, cowboy, biker, construction worker and native American Indian, Morali took camp out of the gay discos and backstreet cabaret bars … Continue reading #1514 The Village People – Power Of The Night

#549 Gang Of Four – A Brief History of the Twentieth Century

 If it’s post-punk political funk you want, it doesn’t get any better than this. Gang of Four, named after China’s Gang of Four of the Cultural Revolution in the late 60s-70s, wear their political left-learnings on their sleeve, their song lyrics dealing with the destructive failings of capitalism (Capital (It Fails Us Now) and To … Continue reading #549 Gang Of Four – A Brief History of the Twentieth Century

#952 Ooberman – Carried Away

“Ooberman were a rather good psychedelic indie folk pop band active from 1998 to 2006.” This is the description in the ‘About’ section on the band’s FaceBook page. An accurate one-line summary. Ooberman were really rather good and I adored their first album, The Magic Treehouse and the track Shorley Wall, first heard in 1998 … Continue reading #952 Ooberman – Carried Away