#464 Brian Eno – Ambient 4: On Land

My Eno entry point was Talking Heads Remain In Light album which I bought on vinyl after hearing Once In A Lifetime on the radio. It was one of the first records in my collection and it’s still one of my top five favourite albums. After that I tracked down My Life In The Bush … Continue reading #464 Brian Eno – Ambient 4: On Land

#821 Massive Attack – Protection

I wasn’t really into Massive Attack at the time. Somehow their brilliant debut album, Blue Lines, passed me by when released in 1991. Maybe because I was focusing on my A levels at the time, but most likely because I just wasn’t cool enough. I recall clearly the brilliant video for Unfinished Sympathy but they … Continue reading #821 Massive Attack – Protection

#1000 Pink Floyd – The Endless River

This was the first record I bought in Amsterdam when I moved to live there with my partner in 2014; bought in order to ‘test’ a newly purchased record player. I found that I couldn’t live without one, despite having boxed mine up at home, stored it safely in the attic, and asked my best … Continue reading #1000 Pink Floyd – The Endless River

#1188 Sigur Ros – Hvarf/Heim

A double disc set from the Icelandic post-rock group, released in 2007 along with the documentary film Heima. The first disc Hvarf, is a five-track collection of rarities from their vaults, dating from 1995 to 2002. The second, Heim, has six live acoustic performances from some of their best known tracks from roughly the same … Continue reading #1188 Sigur Ros – Hvarf/Heim

#452 Brian Eno – Another Day on Earth

This is Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno’s first solo recording featuring his vocal and what you might consider to be ‘songs’ as opposed to fluffy white clouds of ambient experimentation since Another Green World. There’s 30 years between them but there’s more than just a coincidental symmetry in the … Continue reading #452 Brian Eno – Another Day on Earth

#448 Brian Eno – Another Green World

Now undisputedly one of the most famous baldies in pop, this classic album dates back to when he had hair. Quite a lot of it in those post-glam rock days. This is Eno’s third album, just before he ‘invented ambient music’ (spoiler: he didn’t really) and one that was self-consciously experimental. As with his previous … Continue reading #448 Brian Eno – Another Green World

#717 Basil Kirchin – Mind on the Run, A Basil Kirchin Sampler

Basil Kirchin is a unique and fascinating soul. I confess I had never heard of him until I received this free sampler from Trunk Records because I’d ordered several other CDs from Jonny Trunk’s emporium of the weird and wonderful world of sound. This sampler was produced by Trunk as part of Hull’s City of … Continue reading #717 Basil Kirchin – Mind on the Run, A Basil Kirchin Sampler