#248 Jeff Buckley – Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk

In some ways this album is just as astonishing as his debut and only studio album, Grace, It demonstrates his ongoing development as an artist, his perfectionism as well as his creative spontaneity. Its compilation was overseen by his mother and record label, and released almost a year to the day of his tragic death … Continue reading #248 Jeff Buckley – Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk

#549 Gang Of Four – A Brief History of the Twentieth Century

 If it’s post-punk political funk you want, it doesn’t get any better than this. Gang of Four, named after China’s Gang of Four of the Cultural Revolution in the late 60s-70s, wear their political left-learnings on their sleeve, their song lyrics dealing with the destructive failings of capitalism (Capital (It Fails Us Now) and To … Continue reading #549 Gang Of Four – A Brief History of the Twentieth Century

#725 Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures

This has been perfect lockdown listening. Joy Division are masters of channelling isolation, despair, loneliness and a general sense of discombobulation. I’ve been feeling a bit discombobulated recently and listening to this certainly helped. It didn’t alleviate it, but it solidified it somehow, made it more tangible and that’s almost as good in these shapeshifting … Continue reading #725 Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures

#1444 Various Artists – Rough Trade Shops: Post Punk Vol 01

Rough Trade Shops do good comps. I have a few of theirs, this one was a present from a friend when released in 2005. When the album was released, not my friend. Not that she’s still incarcerated. Or ever was! I give up. Moving swiftly on... Post-punk, like most music genre labels, has only as … Continue reading #1444 Various Artists – Rough Trade Shops: Post Punk Vol 01

#1112 Lou Reed – NYC Man

Subtitled ‘The Ultimate Collection 1967 - 2003’ this is probably the closest to ‘ultimate’ that’s ever likely to be released, given his death in 2013, his wayward career and idiosyncratic approach to his back catalogue. Here, Reed eschews chronology and adopts a mood-piece approach in this remastering of a mix of Velvet Underground tracks, his … Continue reading #1112 Lou Reed – NYC Man

#699 John’s Children – Orgasm

This is about as diametrically opposed to Joan Armatrading’s music as it’s possible to be, and that’s why I love music as an artform so much: its SO personal. Plus why I love re-exploring my record collection in this wonderfully random way. I bought this record earlier this year in an excellent record shop in … Continue reading #699 John’s Children – Orgasm