#1292 Talking Heads – 77

My introduction to Talking Heads was hearing Once In A Lifetime on the radio (Dave Lee Travis if memory serves) and being absolutely BLOWN AWAY. I bought Remain In Light on vinyl soon after; one of the first bought items in my record collection. I then worked backwards sporadically and bought this, their debut, from … Continue reading #1292 Talking Heads – 77


#298 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Nocturama

This album is often considered to be ‘lesser’ than the rest of Cave’s recent oeuvre. I don’t think so. I much prefer it to Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! and think it’s rather underrated and contains not only some great individual songs, but as an album appears to be a junction box of the various fuses Nick … Continue reading #298 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Nocturama

#320 The Clash – London Calling

This is a double album for god’s sake. A double album! Punk bands aren’t meant to release anything this long. Never Mind the Bollocks is barely 20 mins each side. There’s some rock classics on here: London Calling being the pick of the crop. Rudie Can’t Fail, Spanish Bombs, Lost in the Supermarket, The Guns … Continue reading #320 The Clash – London Calling

#1205 Patti Smith – Land (1975-2002)

Patti Smith, the punk poet laureate; there’s no one else quite like her. She stands alone yet has influenced many: from PJ Harvey to Peaches. Rock and Roll and women in rock wouldn’t be the same without her. This compilation is as idiosyncratic as she is, covering a generous 30 songs over 2 CDs and … Continue reading #1205 Patti Smith – Land (1975-2002)

#292 Nick Cave – Dig, Lazarus Dig!!!

Six exclamation marks Nick! Really? Six! Well if there was ever a man who could get away with flouting grammatical conventions, it's Nick Cave. This, remarkably, is his 14th studio album with the Bad Seeds. That of course doesn't include the five as part of The Birthday Party and Boys Next Door, the two as … Continue reading #292 Nick Cave – Dig, Lazarus Dig!!!

#939 Pavement – Quarantine The Past: The Best Of Pavement

I came to Pavement late via their 1999 Terror Twilight album which turned out to be their last, followed ten years later by this compilation covering their slanted and enchanted history from 1989 to 1999. Clearly that marks me out as not being a true fan, merely passing through, and subject to the same amount … Continue reading #939 Pavement – Quarantine The Past: The Best Of Pavement

#1518 The White Stripes – Elephant

There was a lot of hoo-hah around The White Stripes at the fin de siècle, and they seemed to encompass our collective cultural consciousness of millennium-fuelled paranoia and petulance, knowingness and naïveté with a raw au naturel back to basic blues. I was a bit slow on the uptake (never having been one to ride … Continue reading #1518 The White Stripes – Elephant