#259 Kate Bush – The Kick Inside

Kate Bush is Prog. Progressive pop, art rock, whatever you want to call it, she has pushed the envelope of popular music, turned it inside out, filed it away in the drawer for several years, and then blown everyone away again with her prescience and presence. Much has been said about her debut, released one … Continue reading #259 Kate Bush – The Kick Inside

#624 Guillemots – Through The Window Pane

Intelligent chamber pop for the noughties. This is the Guillemots’ (or gUiLLeMoTs as they style themselves) debut full-length album, and it’s rather lovely. It contains the standout tracks from their earlier EP From the Cliffs, Trains to Brazil and Made-Up Lovesong #43 which they also released as singles, the latter seeing their best chart placing … Continue reading #624 Guillemots – Through The Window Pane

#36 Arcade Fire – EP

As debuts EPs go, this one is notable mainly for what came next: the quite magnificent Funeral. Many of the Arcade Fire elements are already there, the obscure but emotionally wrought lyrics and subject matter, Win’s strained falsetto and Regine’s moments of wide-eyed Bjork-like vocals. It’s a generous EP with 7 tracks, some of which … Continue reading #36 Arcade Fire – EP

#848 Moloko – Do You Like My Tight Sweater?

The vocals on this record are so arch you can visualise clearly the raised eyebrow and sly smile of Roisin Murphy as she part sings, part purrs Eartha Kittenishly, part robot-speaks through these tracks. It’s Moloko’s debut, and it sets out well their particular stall of tongue-in-cheek electro pop. Formed in Sheffield, the home of … Continue reading #848 Moloko – Do You Like My Tight Sweater?

#340 The Coral – The Coral

The band were barely out of their teenage tight jeans when this record was released in 2002. This barn-storming debut is modern psych-indie-rock, hailing from the Wirral, with a mix of 1960s Merseybeat and West Coast ‘70s psychedelia. It’s a little bit Beatles, a little bit Beach Boys, but with a healthy dollop of Beefheart … Continue reading #340 The Coral – The Coral