#1088 Radiohead – Pablo Honey

I remember clearly when I first heard Creep, Radiohead’s breakthrough single, the millstone around their neck ever since, and the undisputed highlight from this, their 1993 debut album. It was in the kitchen of the first student house I shared at university in Leicester. There should be a plaque on the wall outside, for whilst … Continue reading #1088 Radiohead – Pablo Honey


#875 Muse – Absolution

Muse are the acceptable face of hard indie rock; nice boys playing their instruments properly. You could take your mum to one of their concerts. Well, not my mum obviously, but probably your mum. But this isn’t intended as a criticism, they do play their instruments very well, and no matter how ‘hard’ and aggressive … Continue reading #875 Muse – Absolution

#654 Natalie Imbruglia – Left Of The Middle

This is a really good pop album. You’d expect it to be, it sold 7 million copies and led to three Grammy nominations. Not merely another Australian soap star trying to cash in on TV fame by recording someone else’s pop songs, Imbruglia can really sing, and has co-writing credit on all but one of … Continue reading #654 Natalie Imbruglia – Left Of The Middle

#1066 Radiohead – Hail To The Thief

Released in 2003, this album was described by critics at the time as ‘a return to form’ and ‘still not as good as OK Computer’. (I made that last quote up, but let's face it, how could anyone top that?) This is certainly a return to more familiar guitar-based territory than their previous two albums … Continue reading #1066 Radiohead – Hail To The Thief

#144 Bjork – Biophilia

Delightful for the randometer to have thrown up two Bjork albums so close together yet residing at opposite ends of her career. Not that she’s showing any signs of stopping soon or even slowing down; I get the feeling Bjork’s only just getting started. This is three albums back, released in 2011, and not merely … Continue reading #144 Bjork – Biophilia