#886 Muse – Live At Rome Olympic Stadium

I bought this 2013 album on CD for my wife in 2016 when we lived in Amsterdam. It was a small piece of recent nostalgia from when we also went to see Muse in Rome. Not this concert though, but at Rock in Roma in 2015. Muse give good rock. All power chords, thundering bass … Continue reading #886 Muse – Live At Rome Olympic Stadium


#1208 Soft Machine – The Soft Machine Vol. One

One of several bands who have taken inspiration from William S Burroughs. Whether that puts you off, or turns you on is a matter of taste, but for lovers of psychedelia, jazz-rock or early progressive rock, Soft Machine’s first album, the ambitiously titled Volume One, offers a smorgasbord of each, effortlessly sandwiched together in a … Continue reading #1208 Soft Machine – The Soft Machine Vol. One

#875 Muse – Absolution

Muse are the acceptable face of hard indie rock; nice boys playing their instruments properly. You could take your mum to one of their concerts. Well, not my mum obviously, but probably your mum. But this isn’t intended as a criticism, they do play their instruments very well, and no matter how ‘hard’ and aggressive … Continue reading #875 Muse – Absolution

#99 The Beatles – Abbey Road

This is the last recorded Beatles album, and by no means their least. Unlike the White Album, recorded the year previously, it’s an album of a band never sounding more together as a band, rather than four musicians (okay maybe 3.5) who just happen to record their pet solo projects in the same studio at … Continue reading #99 The Beatles – Abbey Road

#1028 Queen – A Day At The Races

I love Queen. I will never make any apology for that, and neither should you. For those who only know their output through a passing acquaintance with their Greatest Hits (1 or 2) you’re missing out on their true genius. What made Queen so great was the album concepts, the artwork, track-order, and the musical … Continue reading #1028 Queen – A Day At The Races