#224 David Bowie – Hours

This is probably my least favourite David Bowie album, which is a sentence that no one wants to write about their most beloved artist, even when it’s a statistical certainty. I mean, one of them has to come at the bottom. It’s not ‘bad’, its not even ‘so bad its good’ in the vein of … Continue reading #224 David Bowie – Hours

#88 Bat For Lashes – Two Suns

This is Natasha Khan's second album, and whereas not as striking as her first, that's only a reflection on how fully-realised her debut was; this contains a similar quality, variety and intensity of her artistic expression. Like many female artists who do not perform conventional pop songs and have the audacity to compose their own … Continue reading #88 Bat For Lashes – Two Suns

#1103 Queen – Hot Space

This is Queen's least good non-soundtrack album (respectfully ignoring Made in Heaven). It’s the one usually dismissed or derided by critics. And it’s understandable. Buoyed by the success of Another One Bites the Dust, featuring John Deacon’s grungy-funk bassline and semi-spoken word (ie ‘rap’) lyrics, as well as their second no 1 hit single collaboration … Continue reading #1103 Queen – Hot Space

#834 Meat Loaf – Bat Out Of Hell

The pop-epic that is Bat Out Of Hell somehow passed me by. You’d think I’d been avoiding it deliberately given that it’s one of the greatest selling albums of all time. In the UK it’s never been out of the charts, behind only Rumours and Dark Side of the Moon for longevity. But my ownership … Continue reading #834 Meat Loaf – Bat Out Of Hell

#1004 Pink Floyd – Relics

Subtitled "A Bizarre Collection of Antiques & Curios" on Nick Mason’s rather lovely Heath Robinson inspired album cover, this compilation, already their second, but the first worth any serious consideration, was released in 1971, only four years after their debut. For those that were fans of their first two Syd Barrett led or influenced albums, … Continue reading #1004 Pink Floyd – Relics

#1079 Queen – Sheer Heart Attack

Arguably this is Queen’s best album. Controversial, n'est-ce pas? It’s often overlooked, because Night Of The Opera and Day At The Races came next, but it’s the one where all their styles and strengths first came together. They look fabulous on the cover, and they sound fabulous within. It manages to deliver heavy rock, rock-opera, … Continue reading #1079 Queen – Sheer Heart Attack