#1004 Pink Floyd – Relics

Subtitled "A Bizarre Collection of Antiques & Curios" on Nick Mason’s rather lovely Heath Robinson inspired album cover, this compilation, already their second, but the first worth any serious consideration, was released in 1971, only four years after their debut. For those that were fans of their first two Syd Barrett led or influenced albums, … Continue reading #1004 Pink Floyd – Relics

#256 Kate Bush – Aerial

This is Kate Bush’s first double album, not counting her most recent triple-player Before the Dawn, a live compilation of her 22 sold out shows in London in 2014. I was not lucky enough to get tickets for this, so am still waiting with bated breath for the DVD. In that show (and on the … Continue reading #256 Kate Bush – Aerial

#1000 Pink Floyd – The Endless River

This was the first record I bought in Amsterdam when I moved to live there with my partner in 2014; bought in order to ‘test’ a newly purchased record player. I found that I couldn’t live without one, despite having boxed mine up at home, stored it safely in the attic, and asked my best … Continue reading #1000 Pink Floyd – The Endless River

#691 Jethro Tull – Aqualung

This is 35 years and musical worlds away from Joanna Newsom in terms of casual listening, but not so far in practice. A classical instrument played by the lead singer (Ian Anderson’s flute to Newsom’s harp), a folkish background, and a complex, intellectual set of lyrics; here, a fierce yet articulate deconstruction of Christianity. This … Continue reading #691 Jethro Tull – Aqualung

#275 Can – Ege Bamyasi

I am a recent convert to Can. Not that I didn’t like them before, they just weren’t really on my radar. Heard of, obviously, but not really heard. So having immersed a toe tentatively in the murky depths of Krautrock I read up a bit on them and bought this album as my starting point. … Continue reading #275 Can – Ege Bamyasi

#987 Pink Floyd – A Momentary Lapse of Reason

A David Gilmour solo album in all but name, and it was the rights to the Pink Floyd name that was being wrangled over with Roger Waters whilst this album was recorded on Gilmour’s Thames houseboat. Released in 1987, it has a very glossy late 80s-sounding production which dates it somewhat, but it stands up … Continue reading #987 Pink Floyd – A Momentary Lapse of Reason

#542 Genesis – Foxtrot

Supper’s Ready was my first introduction to Genesis. I’ve already mentioned that awakening briefly when the randometer turned up Nursery Cryme early on. It was a life-defining moment when I realised that there was a world of creative sound-making that went way beyond what one generally heard on the radio and might trouble the Top … Continue reading #542 Genesis – Foxtrot

#875 Muse – Absolution

Muse are the acceptable face of hard indie rock; nice boys playing their instruments properly. You could take your mum to one of their concerts. Well, not my mum obviously, but probably your mum. But this isn’t intended as a criticism, they do play their instruments very well, and no matter how ‘hard’ and aggressive … Continue reading #875 Muse – Absolution