#1463 Scott Walker – The Drift

Be careful what you wish for! I made a joke about listening to this if you like Scott Walker’s more accessible late 60s solo output, when his Boy Child compilation came up on the randometer a few weeks back. The Drift is the middle record of Walker’s trilogy of ‘difficult inaccessible’ albums starting with Tilt … Continue reading #1463 Scott Walker – The Drift


#1208 The Space Lady – Greatest Hits

This is one of my most recent purchases. The compilation dates from 2013, but I only came across the Space Lady a couple of months ago when listening to a wonderful mix of women pioneers in electronic music by the always fascinating Open Culture. I was transfixed by her track Domine, Libra Nos / Showdown … Continue reading #1208 The Space Lady – Greatest Hits

#1465 Scott Walker – Boy Child: 67-70

Well this is altogether a more calming proposition than the previous record, but no less intense in its emotional coverage and musical arrangements. Clearly, I’ve always been one for a bit of drama in my life (and music). I’ve written a little about Mr Walker (nee Noel Scott Engel) before, when Scott 3 popped up … Continue reading #1465 Scott Walker – Boy Child: 67-70

#679 Jóhann Jóhannsson – IBM 1401, a user’s manual

I love this. I first came across this 10 years ago from reading something somewhere on the internet and managed to track down a digital copy. This LP copy, which is extremely beautiful on clear vinyl and a wonder to behold, was purchased in late 2017 when 4AD released it on vinyl for the first … Continue reading #679 Jóhann Jóhannsson – IBM 1401, a user’s manual

#1028 Queen – A Day At The Races

I love Queen. I will never make any apology for that, and neither should you. For those who only know their output through a passing acquaintance with their Greatest Hits (1 or 2) you’re missing out on their true genius. What made Queen so great was the album concepts, the artwork, track-order, and the musical … Continue reading #1028 Queen – A Day At The Races

#914 Os Mutantes – Everything Is Possible: The Best of Os Mutantes

I first came across Os Mutantes via David Byrne and this 1999 compilation released on his Luaka Bop label. They are a psychedelic rock band from Brazil, influential in their homeland in the late 60s and at the forefront of the Tropicalia movement, but rarely heard outside of Brazil until Bryne’s patronage helped them reach … Continue reading #914 Os Mutantes – Everything Is Possible: The Best of Os Mutantes