#630 Gomez – Liquid Skin

Gomez’s second album, which builds on the foundation of their first by being almost exactly the same. It’s another strong album of indie-blues, appropriated from the American South, with a modern (more commercially-friendly) take on the juju grunge of Dr John or Captain Beefheart. White Men Sing The Blues essentially. But the fact that they … Continue reading #630 Gomez – Liquid Skin

#1347 Suede – Coming Up

This album swaggers and struts, even more so than their debut. They’ve replaced grit with glamour, dirt with sheer decadence, and are absolutely loving it. This is Suede’s third album (and my third favourite in the same order) and ramps up the glam. Where their debut was full of seedy bedsit sex and pills, this … Continue reading #1347 Suede – Coming Up

#1570 The Velvet Underground – Loaded

This is a schizophrenic album, but without any of the raw edginess that this word might suggest. Songs written solely by Lou Reed, but half of them sung by bassist Doug Yule, it’s the band’s last release, coming out three months after Reed’s departure in 1970 and their effective collective demise. Written to suit commercial … Continue reading #1570 The Velvet Underground – Loaded

#1129 Queen – Made In Heaven

I confess that I refused to acknowledge this album’s place in the Queen canon for a long time. It just didn’t seem right for May, Taylor and Deacon to be salvaging and regurgitating scraps of Mercury’s vocals for posthumous release. Perhaps I was still grieving. Maybe I would have felt differently if I knew then what … Continue reading #1129 Queen – Made In Heaven

#1119 Queen – Queen

This is Queen’s first album, not as celebrated as their second, which is a more cohesive listening experience, but it contains all the elements that make up Queen: inventive symphonic guitar-work from May, operatic vocals and harmonies from Mercury, the traditional rock and roll track from Taylor and the lighter pop song radio-friendly fare from … Continue reading #1119 Queen – Queen

#318 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Lovely Creatures: The Best of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (1984-2014)

Delayed due to the death of his son, this retrospective is a much more comprehensive overview than the previous 1998 16-track ‘best of’. That said, I have the 21 track 3 LP version of this release; there was another 45-track version released at the same time. Since I have all the albums already as well … Continue reading #318 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Lovely Creatures: The Best of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (1984-2014)

#1394 TV On The Radio – Dear Science

I’ve been a fan of TV On The Radio ever since their 2004 debut Desperate Youth, Bloodthirsty Babes. This is their third album and it’s a lot leaner, sparser and less ‘organic’ sounding than the previous two. That’s not to say it’s all slick production and jabby synth chords, but there’s a greater emphasis on … Continue reading #1394 TV On The Radio – Dear Science