#298 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Nocturama

This album is often considered to be ‘lesser’ than the rest of Cave’s recent oeuvre. I don’t think so. I much prefer it to Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! and think it’s rather underrated and contains not only some great individual songs, but as an album appears to be a junction box of the various fuses Nick … Continue reading #298 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Nocturama


#1188 Slim Dusty – Australiana

I bought this cassette whilst living, working and travelling in Australia for 12 months from 2001-02. I can’t recall where I picked it up, but by the look of it, it lived most of its life in the glovebox compartment of the campervan my girlfriend and I owned in order to circumnavigate the fair continent … Continue reading #1188 Slim Dusty – Australiana

#1222 Angus & Julia Stone – A Book Like This

This is nice indie folky pop, with close harmonies and acoustic guitars. It’s the debut record from the Australian brother and sister duo, released in 2007. Sometimes its hard to tell which one is singing on which song, their vocals sound so similar, but Julia often has an (at times annoying) whiny twang akin to … Continue reading #1222 Angus & Julia Stone – A Book Like This

#654 Natalie Imbruglia – Left Of The Middle

This is a really good pop album. You’d expect it to be, it sold 7 million copies and led to three Grammy nominations. Not merely another Australian soap star trying to cash in on TV fame by recording someone else’s pop songs, Imbruglia can really sing, and has co-writing credit on all but one of … Continue reading #654 Natalie Imbruglia – Left Of The Middle