#727 Kraftwerk – Trans Europe Express

Electronic pioneers, their sound and image an equally well-crafted work of genius, Kraftwerk captured the industrial expansion of a divided Germany, looking to the future whilst still weighed down by its past. The motorik beat, the swathes of chugging synthesised keyboard chords, the deadpan vocals and even deader stage image are unmistakable. They’ve influenced everything … Continue reading #727 Kraftwerk – Trans Europe Express


#1366 Various Artists – Electronic Sound: Krautrock Sampler

This is a free CD from Electronic Sound magazine, a geeky music magazine for music geek-freaks like myself covering a wide range of styles and sounds as long as they’re electronically generated in some shape or form. It’s been going for a few years now, but I only came across last year, and this year … Continue reading #1366 Various Artists – Electronic Sound: Krautrock Sampler

#448 Brian Eno – Another Green World

Now undisputedly one of the most famous baldies in pop, this classic album dates back to when he had hair. Quite a lot of it in those post-glam rock days. This is Eno’s third album, just before he ‘invented ambient music’ (spoiler: he didn’t really) and one that was self-consciously experimental. As with his previous … Continue reading #448 Brian Eno – Another Green World

#957 Tennant/Lowe – Battleship Potemkin

This album is credited to Tennant/Lowe and performed by the Pet Shop Boys with the Dresdner Sinfoniker. Essentially, its Neil and Chris giving Eisenstein’s 1925 masterpiece of early silent filmmaking the modern soundtrack makeover, with their own unmistakable footprint. It was commissioned by "Red Ken" Livingstone, the first Mayor of London for a free performance … Continue reading #957 Tennant/Lowe – Battleship Potemkin

#717 Basil Kirchin – Mind on the Run, A Basil Kirchin Sampler

Basil Kirchin is a unique and fascinating soul. I confess I had never heard of him until I received this free sampler from Trunk Records because I’d ordered several other CDs from Jonny Trunk’s emporium of the weird and wonderful world of sound. This sampler was produced by Trunk as part of Hull’s City of … Continue reading #717 Basil Kirchin – Mind on the Run, A Basil Kirchin Sampler

#301 Manu Chao – Proxima Estacion Esperanza

This is Manu Chao’s second solo album, but my first. I came across him from attending WOMAD festival in 2002, the summer after my girlfriend and I returned from our two-year round-the-world trip and were trying to recapture the freedom and joie de vivre by buying a campervan. Definitely a good move at a music … Continue reading #301 Manu Chao – Proxima Estacion Esperanza