#889 Alison Moyet – The Turn

The original Adele, Ms Moyet has a fantastic voice – soulful, bluesy, a powerful female voice always sung in her local vernacular rather than adopting an Americanised twang like many of her British and Irish contemporaries. This album, her 7th, is not forging any new ground but then neither would you expect or want it … Continue reading #889 Alison Moyet – The Turn

#256 Kate Bush – Aerial

This is Kate Bush’s first double album, not counting her most recent triple-player Before the Dawn, a live compilation of her 22 sold out shows in London in 2014. I was not lucky enough to get tickets for this, so am still waiting with bated breath for the DVD. In that show (and on the … Continue reading #256 Kate Bush – Aerial

#712 Elton John – Captain Fantastic and the Dirt Brown Cowboy

This is classic Elton. Mid-Seventies, full of bravado and bombast yet graced with enough humility and empathy to genuinely move the listener. It’s a concept album of sorts, an autobiographical storytelling in song of the rags to riches rise of John and Taupin as songsmiths extraordinaire. By 1975 he had released nine studio albums, a … Continue reading #712 Elton John – Captain Fantastic and the Dirt Brown Cowboy

#970 Dolly Parton – Greatest Hits

Oh this is a breath of fresh air right now! Gotta love a bit of Dolly. Not my usual listening fare of course (prog rock, Krautrock, weirdy electronic noise), but you can’t fault her as a consummate performer and professional. Not to mention philanthropist. One of the true musical legends we have left. This compilation … Continue reading #970 Dolly Parton – Greatest Hits

#1217 Elliott Smith – Figure 8

Elliott Smith was a troubled troubadour who nowadays may be most well known for his unconventional death in 2003. He stabbed himself in the heart, that takes some doing, however suicidal one might feel. (Or did he?) The signs of angst and depression were there long before, although this album, his last, is arguably his … Continue reading #1217 Elliott Smith – Figure 8

#824 Natalie Merchant – Ophelia

This is Merchant’s second solo album after Tigerlily, which popped up on my randometer last March. Though it appears on the surface, both in terms of the glossy cover photo shoot and the music production qualities, to be an altogether fancier and more mature work, I actually prefer her debut. It’s a bit of a … Continue reading #824 Natalie Merchant – Ophelia