#1103 Queen – Hot Space

This is Queen's least good non-soundtrack album (respectfully ignoring Made in Heaven). It’s the one usually dismissed or derided by critics. And it’s understandable. Buoyed by the success of Another One Bites the Dust, featuring John Deacon’s grungy-funk bassline and semi-spoken word (ie ‘rap’) lyrics, as well as their second no 1 hit single collaboration … Continue reading #1103 Queen – Hot Space

#1514 The Village People – Power Of The Night

The Village People, one of the world’s most successful and arguably most outrageous, manufactured bands. Born in the febrile mind of Moroccan-born Frenchman Jacques Morali in 1977. Playing with archetypal alpha-male stereotypes: the policeman, soldier, cowboy, biker, construction worker and native American Indian, Morali took camp out of the gay discos and backstreet cabaret bars … Continue reading #1514 The Village People – Power Of The Night

#848 Moloko – Do You Like My Tight Sweater?

The vocals on this record are so arch you can visualise clearly the raised eyebrow and sly smile of Roisin Murphy as she part sings, part purrs Eartha Kittenishly, part robot-speaks through these tracks. It’s Moloko’s debut, and it sets out well their particular stall of tongue-in-cheek electro pop. Formed in Sheffield, the home of … Continue reading #848 Moloko – Do You Like My Tight Sweater?

#1167 Lalo Schifrin – Black Widow

Lalo Schifrin, best known for defining the films of Bullitt, Mission Impossible and Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry films through his iconic, impossibly cool musical statements, has here released an album of what can only be described as Disco jazz funk. And oh my, it’s a sound for sore ears in these ego-filled electioneering Brexit-battered days. … Continue reading #1167 Lalo Schifrin – Black Widow

#968 Pet Shop Boys – Behaviour

Introspective would perhaps have been a more apt title to this album, given its slower mood, post-disco beats and emotional complexity. It’s the late night, after-club, come down album as opposed to the more familiar PSB disco beats of its predecessor Introspective and successor Very. This is largely due to its production by Harold Faltermeyer … Continue reading #968 Pet Shop Boys – Behaviour

#832 Mika – Life in Cartoon Motion

I had assumed that this was Mika’s debut, but apparently not, its just his first major label release and the point of entry with the general public. Coming as it did, soon after the disco camp niche carved out by the Scissor Sisters, it landed well with a British public in 2007 keen for optimism … Continue reading #832 Mika – Life in Cartoon Motion

#510 Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Welcome to the Pleasuredome

Crash! Bang! Wallop! Frankie Goes To Hollywood (the name taken from a newspaper headline about Frank Sinatra) burst onto the British pop scene in an explosion of glitter and leather. A debut number one album. Three consecutive number one singles, an iconic T-shirt marketing campaign, a uniquely memorably moment of broadcasting history when their debut … Continue reading #510 Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Welcome to the Pleasuredome

#949 Pet Shop Boys – Disco

How wonderfully apt that this should turn up on the randometer on my birthday. For this record is one of the first albums I bought myself – part of my small, but preciously guarded, and slowly saved-up-for cassette collection – with birthday money received exactly 32 years ago. Unlike myself, 30 years later, the music … Continue reading #949 Pet Shop Boys – Disco