#1503 Scott Walker – Sings Jaques Brel

I adore Scott Walker, and have done since I discovered him, off the back of Bowie, as a teenager. This compilation of the nine Jacques Brel songs that he covers on his first three solo albums is the first Walker that I listened to and I fell hard for his stunning baritone voice, as well … Continue reading #1503 Scott Walker – Sings Jaques Brel


#452 Brian Eno – Another Day on Earth

This is Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno’s first solo recording featuring his vocal and what you might consider to be ‘songs’ as opposed to fluffy white clouds of ambient experimentation since Another Green World. There’s 30 years between them but there’s more than just a coincidental symmetry in the … Continue reading #452 Brian Eno – Another Day on Earth

#204 David Bowie – Stage

The live album is a curious beast. Sometimes purely a novelty item for nostalgic fans who were actually there, or a consolation prize to those that missed ‘the gig of the century’, sometimes a mere contractual obligation when studio albums are thin on the ground, sometimes a showpiece for a band who are in fact … Continue reading #204 David Bowie – Stage

#856 The Moody Blues – Days of Future Passed

I played this last week to my 13 month old nephew and he absolutely loved it. It is orchestral rock or progressive pop? Who knows? Who cares! It’s just great music. A highwater mark in the increasing maturity and creativity of late 60s British pop, recorded in the months following the release of The Beatles' … Continue reading #856 The Moody Blues – Days of Future Passed

#1025 Prince – Music from Graffiti Bridge

The most generous of double albums and therein (for me) lies its failing. Although Prince wrote all of the songs, he performs on only roughly half of the tracks, offering the others to his many disciples and muses: Mavis Staples, The Time and the teenage Tevin Campbell. (Hmm, what happened to him?) The album also … Continue reading #1025 Prince – Music from Graffiti Bridge

#781 Madonna – The Immaculate Collection

I’m not a massive Madonna fan, or even a medium-sized one, but I don’t think anyone can profess to love popular music without recognising her importance and gender and genre-busting influence. She’s the 4th most commercially successful music artist ever (behind The Beatles, Elvis and Jackson) and is far and away the most successful female … Continue reading #781 Madonna – The Immaculate Collection

#727 Kraftwerk – Trans Europe Express

Electronic pioneers, their sound and image an equally well-crafted work of genius, Kraftwerk captured the industrial expansion of a divided Germany, looking to the future whilst still weighed down by its past. The motorik beat, the swathes of chugging synthesised keyboard chords, the deadpan vocals and even deader stage image are unmistakable. They’ve influenced everything … Continue reading #727 Kraftwerk – Trans Europe Express