#1533 The Walker Brothers – Nite Flights

As a Scott Walker obsessive from an early age, I’d been trying to hear this album for a couple of decades. Original release copies were scarce and expensive, so I was delighted when Music on Vinyl reissued it in 2016 and I picked up a copy from one of my favourite record shops, Concerto in … Continue reading #1533 The Walker Brothers – Nite Flights

#207 David Bowie – Station To Station

Often described as a transitional album, from the plastic soul of Young Americans, to the “Berlin trilogy” of Low-Heroes-Lodger, Station to Station is so much more than that. One of my top three Bowie albums; it stands out as one of his most creatively daring and musically distinctive. It does, however, retain the rhythmic funk … Continue reading #207 David Bowie – Station To Station

#218 David Bowie – 1. Outside

Subtitled "The Diary of Nathan Adler or The Art-Ritual Murder of Baby Grace Blue. A Non-Linear Gothic Drama Hyper-Cycle" – Bowie was never one to do things by half. Conceived conceptually as a story about an end-of-the-millennium art thief, the songs are ‘merely’ part of that story, along with the written diary and spoken word … Continue reading #218 David Bowie – 1. Outside

#452 Brian Eno – Another Day on Earth

This is Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno’s first solo recording featuring his vocal and what you might consider to be ‘songs’ as opposed to fluffy white clouds of ambient experimentation since Another Green World. There’s 30 years between them but there’s more than just a coincidental symmetry in the … Continue reading #452 Brian Eno – Another Day on Earth

#204 David Bowie – Stage

The live album is a curious beast. Sometimes purely a novelty item for nostalgic fans who were actually there, or a consolation prize to those that missed ‘the gig of the century’, sometimes a mere contractual obligation when studio albums are thin on the ground, sometimes a showpiece for a band who are in fact … Continue reading #204 David Bowie – Stage