#515 Peter Gabriel – ‘3’

My second Gabriel album to pop up, and though not as well-known as So, this is probably his best. Although I will always retain a soft spot for his debut solo record, since it’s where I started with my Gabriel love affair. Americans seem to like to call this album ‘Melt’ in the way they … Continue reading #515 Peter Gabriel – ‘3’


#180 David Bowie – Diamond Dogs

As a young teenage Bowie fan it took me a lot longer to get into Diamond Dogs than his other 70s output, and it’s only in more recent years that I’ve come to appreciate all it has to offer. I have a more recently purchased reissued lovely blue vinyl copy of this record, but I’ll … Continue reading #180 David Bowie – Diamond Dogs

#529 Peter Gabriel – So

I’m big on Peter Gabriel. Before I fully discovered David Bowie and when I needed a little break from Prince, Gabriel was my go-to male artist of choice. Discovered of course through my initial love of Genesis. After listening to their masterpiece, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, I largely lost interest in the band’s … Continue reading #529 Peter Gabriel – So

#1492 Scott Walker – Scott 3

I love Scott Walker, and have done since a teenager, first coming across him through hearing David Bowie’s early covers of Jacques Brel which led me to Walker and then onto Brel himself. He has an incredible voice, possibly the best baritone in ‘popular’ music, and it's here on his 1969 third solo album where … Continue reading #1492 Scott Walker – Scott 3

#179 David Bowie – In Bertolt Brecht’s Baal

Despite being a Bowie devotee since my school days, first discovering Hunkydory and The Man Who Sold The World via Norwich City Record Library and playing to death the cassettes I lovingly (and illegally) recorded them onto before I had saved up enough pennies of my own to purchase copies, this was an album of … Continue reading #179 David Bowie – In Bertolt Brecht’s Baal