#781 Kirsty MacColl – Galore

I first owned this album on cassette as a copy a friend made for me at university. I replace that with this secondhand CD, which is easier for listening to but I miss his handwriting on the cassette - he always used a fountain pen, however impractical that may be for writing song titles on … Continue reading #781 Kirsty MacColl – Galore


#407 Nick Drake – Pink Moon

Nick Drake was only 26 when he took his own life. He recorded three albums within three years, none of which saw any commercial success in his lifetime. On this, his last album, he sounds world-weary and wise far beyond his years. Already an introverted and isolated young man, clearly with undiagnosed or unresolved mental … Continue reading #407 Nick Drake – Pink Moon

#412 Bob Dylan – Bringing It All Back Home

This is an astonishing album, and one that moves away from Dylan’s folk and talkin’ blues roots. Not only is he pushing his own musical boundaries (and famously those of his audience when he first performed this album at the Newport Folk Festival) his lyrical powers are on fire here. It’s an album of two … Continue reading #412 Bob Dylan – Bringing It All Back Home

#288 Johnny Cash – American IV : The Man Comes Around

This ‘American Recordings’ series of albums, masterminded by producer Rick Rubin, explores a wide range of covers and classics during Johnny Cash’s autumnal years, and was hugely successful, both critically and commercially. I was a bit late to the party and bought this one on its release solely on the strengths of his incredible and … Continue reading #288 Johnny Cash – American IV : The Man Comes Around

#378 DeVotchKa – A Mad and Faithful Telling

DeVotchKa are from Denver, although sound like they’re from late Cold War era Prague. For some reason I always associate their music with eating pierogi in a basic, previously government-owned, diner in downtown Krakow in the summer of 2008. Their music has a folky gypsy punk cabaret vibe and I bet they're as much fun … Continue reading #378 DeVotchKa – A Mad and Faithful Telling

#854 Morning Bride – Lea Valley Delta Blues

I can’t remember how I came across these guys, but they’re local and it’s always good to support local bands (even when you live in London). Plus, seeing as I how I live in the Lea Valley Myself I thought I should check this out, their debut from 2007. The album title is a perfect … Continue reading #854 Morning Bride – Lea Valley Delta Blues