#1467 Various Artists – Rough Guide to Afrobeat Revolution

This is another great eclectic compilation from the Rough Guide, released by World Music Network. I’ve bought a few of their comps in recent years and over the last decade or so have become a big fan of Afrobeat, in particular the political drive and pulsing rhythms of Fela Kuti. This collection celebrates the progenitors … Continue reading #1467 Various Artists – Rough Guide to Afrobeat Revolution

#1371 Various Artists – Lo Mejor Del Genero Afro-Peruano

I bought this in a record shop in Lima which I’ve now forgotten the name of, but I hunted it out especially as I always like to buy music from countries that I visit, in particular non-European ones. My trip to Peru was 7 years ago now but the music on this compilation sounds fresher … Continue reading #1371 Various Artists – Lo Mejor Del Genero Afro-Peruano

#1292 Talking Heads – 77

My introduction to Talking Heads was hearing Once In A Lifetime on the radio (Dave Lee Travis if memory serves) and being absolutely BLOWN AWAY. I bought Remain In Light on vinyl soon after; one of the first bought items in my record collection. I then worked backwards sporadically and bought this, their debut, from … Continue reading #1292 Talking Heads – 77

#1195 Paul Simon – Graceland

An absolute classic. A record that redefined what we think of as ‘pop music’ in the West, and the creative approach of songwriting. I was 13 when this was released and it was my first introduction to ‘world music’. I absolutely loved it as a teenager, and not just because You Can Call Me Al … Continue reading #1195 Paul Simon – Graceland

#1254 Sun Ra – Space Is The Place

This album is credited to Sun Ra and his Astro Intergalactic Infinity Arkestra, which is without doubt the coolest band name in the universe, period. It was released in 1973, which makes it the same age as me, yet it’ s generally holding up a whole lot better than I am. It’s weird, futuristic, avant-garde, … Continue reading #1254 Sun Ra – Space Is The Place

#1360 Various Artists – Future World Funk

I bought this compilation CD of ‘world’ dance music at WOMAD Festival in 2002, where I remember feeling quite smug sleeping in a campervan whilst most of the people around us were slumming it in tents. It was possibly my first ever weekend music festival in the UK. My girlfriend at the time and I … Continue reading #1360 Various Artists – Future World Funk