#293 Carpenters – Gold: Greatest Hits

This album should be delivered free to all households as part of the Government’s Coronavirus relief effort. That’s if there are any households who don’t already own this album. I’ve found these songs, and Karen Carpenter's velvety voice, particularly comforting in the last few days amidst all the scary statistics, endless media speculation and Governments' … Continue reading #293 Carpenters – Gold: Greatest Hits

#755 Led Zeppelin – IV

Oh my lordy. Epic. Majestic. Essential. I don’t remember exactly how old I was when I heard this – 13, 14, 15? But it fair blew my mind. I had it first on cassette, copied from a friend of my brother’s. It introduced me to the world of blues, as well as pure rock and … Continue reading #755 Led Zeppelin – IV

#275 Can – Ege Bamyasi

I am a recent convert to Can. Not that I didn’t like them before, they just weren’t really on my radar. Heard of, obviously, but not really heard. So having immersed a toe tentatively in the murky depths of Krautrock I read up a bit on them and bought this album as my starting point. … Continue reading #275 Can – Ege Bamyasi

#99 The Beatles – Abbey Road

This is the last recorded Beatles album, and by no means their least. Unlike the White Album, recorded the year previously, it’s an album of a band never sounding more together as a band, rather than four musicians (okay maybe 3.5) who just happen to record their pet solo projects in the same studio at … Continue reading #99 The Beatles – Abbey Road

#1518 The White Stripes – Elephant

There was a lot of hoo-hah around The White Stripes at the fin de siècle, and they seemed to encompass our collective cultural consciousness of millennium-fuelled paranoia and petulance, knowingness and naïveté with a raw au naturel back to basic blues. I was a bit slow on the uptake (never having been one to ride … Continue reading #1518 The White Stripes – Elephant