#88 BBC – Sound Effects No 1

This may seem a somewhat unusual choice for a review of music albums, but then I have a somewhat unusual choice of listening. I bought this copy a few years ago in another record fair bargain bin purely for nostalgic purposes, and it was a delight to listen to again. My first encounter with it … Continue reading #88 BBC – Sound Effects No 1


#452 Brian Eno – Another Day on Earth

This is Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno’s first solo recording featuring his vocal and what you might consider to be ‘songs’ as opposed to fluffy white clouds of ambient experimentation since Another Green World. There’s 30 years between them but there’s more than just a coincidental symmetry in the … Continue reading #452 Brian Eno – Another Day on Earth

#92 The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds

Arguably one of the most important/significant/best albums ever. Certainly of the 1960s, and definitely the crowning achievement of The Beach Boy’s output. Listening to it 53 years later it may be hard to understand what all the fuss is about. But on this album, Brian Wilson and the boys reached new heights in terms of … Continue reading #92 The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds

#84 BBC Radiophonic Workshop – BBC Radiophonic Music

This is a good if far from definitive primer of the Beeb’s electronic soundsmiths beeps and blips at the coalface of electronic music. In the UK at least. It is a 2002 CD release and remastered version of the original 1968 album. As Desmond Briscoe (one of the co-founders, along with Daphne Oram, whose work … Continue reading #84 BBC Radiophonic Workshop – BBC Radiophonic Music

#529 Peter Gabriel – ‘2’

Some people like to call this album Scratch. I don’t, because that’s not its actual name. It’s Gabriel’s second solo album, a bit more pedestrian than the first due in part to the rather murky production and more conventional song structures. Conventional for Gabriel that is, you’d still describe this as ‘art rock’ or ‘prog … Continue reading #529 Peter Gabriel – ‘2’

#727 Kraftwerk – Trans Europe Express

Electronic pioneers, their sound and image an equally well-crafted work of genius, Kraftwerk captured the industrial expansion of a divided Germany, looking to the future whilst still weighed down by its past. The motorik beat, the swathes of chugging synthesised keyboard chords, the deadpan vocals and even deader stage image are unmistakable. They’ve influenced everything … Continue reading #727 Kraftwerk – Trans Europe Express