#1125 R.E.M. – Monster

Like many people at the time, I was a little taken aback by Monster after the folky introspective soft rock of Automatic for the People. I didn’t dislike the album when released in 1994 but it took me a little longer to love it. But pushing people out of the perfectly created comfort zone of … Continue reading #1125 R.E.M. – Monster


#832 Mika – Life in Cartoon Motion

I had assumed that this was Mika’s debut, but apparently not, its just his first major label release and the point of entry with the general public. Coming as it did, soon after the disco camp niche carved out by the Scissor Sisters, it landed well with a British public in 2007 keen for optimism … Continue reading #832 Mika – Life in Cartoon Motion

#1228 Martial Solal – Martial Solal Trio at Newport ’63

This reissued CD has a facsimile of the front and back of the original 1963 vinyl release, featuring the insult dressed up as a compliment from Dizzy Gillespie: “It is remarkable to discover that an artist so far removed from the roots of Jazz as Algeria and France can adapt himself so magnificently, and can … Continue reading #1228 Martial Solal – Martial Solal Trio at Newport ’63

#129 Belly – Sweet Ride: The Best Of

It might seem strange for a band that only released two albums (before last year’s surprising reformation) to justify a ‘best of’ compilation. But for the newbies to Belly, this is a good starting point. I bought the CD because I only had their albums on cassette, copied for me by an ex-girlfriend, so this … Continue reading #129 Belly – Sweet Ride: The Best Of