#750 Basil Kirchin – Worlds Within Worlds

This is possibly one of the strangest records I’ve ever heard, certainly that I own. And this is quite a crowded field. I’ve written about Basil Kirchin before, when the Mind On The Run Sampler popped up on the randometer last March. It’s an excellent intro for the uninitiated into his unique world of sound. … Continue reading #750 Basil Kirchin – Worlds Within Worlds

#770 Led Zeppelin – Houses Of The Holy

Listening to this takes me back to my old bedroom in my parents’ house. Slipping the record out of its rather naughty cover of naked children, placing needle to groove and getting my head blown off. In a good way. This was an early purchase in my burgeoning record collection. Bought shortly after Led Zep … Continue reading #770 Led Zeppelin – Houses Of The Holy

#1350 Jake Thackray – The Very Best Of

Jake Thackray was a brilliantly witty wordsmith, specialising in poems-set-to-music insights of Yorkshire life that shine with both comedic hilarity and real-world pathos. Often bawdy, but never rude for the sake of it, he was called the “Northern Noel Coward” at the height of his success. And he was pretty successful, performing his satirical songs … Continue reading #1350 Jake Thackray – The Very Best Of

#1388 United Future Organisation – 3rd Perspective

According to Wikipedia UFO’s music is ‘nu-jazz’ or jazztronica. I have no idea what that means. But I like it. It’s similar to the Acid Jazz sounds of mid-80s London from the likes of the James Taylor Quartet and Jazzanova. United Future Organisation are, however, Japanese and their style, at least on this album (I … Continue reading #1388 United Future Organisation – 3rd Perspective

#282 Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – The Buddha Years

This 2006 compilation includes eight tracks from Safe as Milk, Beefheart’s debut, which popped up on my randometer in September 2018, and four from Mirror Man, both released on Buddha Records, hence the name. It’s a good primer for anyone wanting to get a feel for early Beefheart and his peculiarly unique take on experimental … Continue reading #282 Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – The Buddha Years

#624 Guillemots – Through The Window Pane

Intelligent chamber pop for the noughties. This is the Guillemots’ (or gUiLLeMoTs as they style themselves) debut full-length album, and it’s rather lovely. It contains the standout tracks from their earlier EP From the Cliffs, Trains to Brazil and Made-Up Lovesong #43 which they also released as singles, the latter seeing their best chart placing … Continue reading #624 Guillemots – Through The Window Pane

#1125 Radiohead – The Bends

The creative leap from Radiohead’s debut Pablo Honey to this, their second album, is such that you would assume they had sold their souls to the devil, Robert Johnson-style. And perhaps they did. This album was the soundtrack to my final year at university. Like that year, it is full of hope, aspiration, despair, destruction, … Continue reading #1125 Radiohead – The Bends