#1475 The Who – Who’s Next

Somehow I never got into The Who when I was first discovering 60s and 70s rock music in my early teens in the mid 80s. Jimi Hendrix, oh yes. Led Zeppelin too. Along with Prince they were among the first vinyl records I bought with my own money. But The Who somehow passed me by, … Continue reading #1475 The Who – Who’s Next


#515 Peter Gabriel – ‘3’

My second Gabriel album to pop up, and though not as well-known as So, this is probably his best. Although I will always retain a soft spot for his debut solo record, since it’s where I started with my Gabriel love affair. Americans seem to like to call this album ‘Melt’ in the way they … Continue reading #515 Peter Gabriel – ‘3’

#165 Stefano Bollani Trio – Stone In The Water

I’ve written a little about Bollani already and, in particular, my wife’s infatuation with him. Purely on the basis of his musical genius of course. This is technically her album, one that I bought her as a present when browsing in the much-missed Concerto record shop in Amsterdam. It’s the only other Bollani record we … Continue reading #165 Stefano Bollani Trio – Stone In The Water

#267 Anna Calvi – Hunter

Calvi’s third album, which came out 5 months ago (the only ‘new’ music I bought last year) doesn’t break any new ground from her previous two, but is a natural consolidation of what she does best: intense atmospherics, dramatic, almost operatic at times, vocals, and storming guitar licks. There’s a gothic melodrama to her music, … Continue reading #267 Anna Calvi – Hunter

#961 Pet Shop Boys – Suburbia 12”

I utterly adored the Pet Shop Boys as a teen and loved their mix of disco pop and deadpan observations of mid-80s Britain. The first album of theirs I bought was the Disco remix album from their debut Please which contained the 12” to Suburbia as well as Paninaro which appears on the B-side here, … Continue reading #961 Pet Shop Boys – Suburbia 12”