#180 David Bowie – Diamond Dogs

As a young teenage Bowie fan it took me a lot longer to get into Diamond Dogs than his other 70s output, and it’s only in more recent years that I’ve come to appreciate all it has to offer. I have a more recently purchased reissued lovely blue vinyl copy of this record, but I’ll … Continue reading #180 David Bowie – Diamond Dogs


#153 Art Blakey – The Jazz Messengers

The second Blakey album to pop up in little over a month. I first came across Art Blakey about 10 years ago when I started learning to play the drums. I can’t say I’ve developed much since then, as either a Blakey connoisseur or a drummer. The music on this record however is superb and … Continue reading #153 Art Blakey – The Jazz Messengers

#654 Gustav Holst – The Planets

The classical work that launched a hundred film soundtracks and John Williams career (listen to Mars around from 4.47 and tell me that’s not the entrance of the Stormtroopers in Star Wars). From the ominous opening with the string players hitting their bows wood-side against the strings, to the brain-fazing vocals drifting off into space … Continue reading #654 Gustav Holst – The Planets

#1382 Various Artists – Fill Your Head With Rock

This double album compilation is a sequel to the CBS Rock Machine compilations, which I first discovered in my Aunt’s record collection when I lived with her in Scotland for a while before starting university. That was a formative time in so many respects, and the gradual exploration of her fair-sized record collection was a … Continue reading #1382 Various Artists – Fill Your Head With Rock

#566 George Gershwin – Rhapsody in Blue (Chailly & Bollani)

Rhapsody in Blue is without doubt one of the defining classical works of the 20th century, and possibly the defining work of American classical music. It was as ground-breaking as the Rite of Spring, albeit in different ways, and although it caused no riots at its premiere there were plenty of detractors from this self-proclaimed … Continue reading #566 George Gershwin – Rhapsody in Blue (Chailly & Bollani)