#1332 The Stone Roses – The Stone Roses

This is the sound of my A levels. Or more specifically, this is the sound of me travelling 20 miles by train every day to the nearest FE College, so I could avoid having to go to the same Sixth Form Centre that my father taught at. I actually wrote about this when reviewing The … Continue reading #1332 The Stone Roses – The Stone Roses

#1623 White Lies – To Lose My Life

I don’t know quite how you’d describe this music - goth pop? Post-punk Death Disco? Something like that. Whatever your genre preference, it’s brilliant and I love it. This is their 2009 debut album, and still their best, in my opinion. The LP was a birthday present from my best friend, who knows that an … Continue reading #1623 White Lies – To Lose My Life

#1599 Rick Wakeman – Journey To The Centre Of The Earth

This album is less like putting on a pop record than listening to a Book at Bedtime. Generally a good thing, unless you’re in the mood for dancing. This is English prog rock at its proggiest. A 40-minute orchestral-rock concept album, recorded live at the Royal Festival Hall, telling Jules Verne’s classic early Sci-Fi story, … Continue reading #1599 Rick Wakeman – Journey To The Centre Of The Earth

#772 King Kandy – Acid Beach Party O.S.T

It’s very unlikely that you have this album in your collection or have even heard of it. That’s a shame, because it’s quite quite brilliant. Describing itself as an “Original Notion Picture Soundtrack” this is “garage surfin' psychsploitation” a mix of garage psych, surfing guitar, great effects and snippets of choice quotes from the Acid … Continue reading #772 King Kandy – Acid Beach Party O.S.T

#1253 Shakespears Sister – Hormonally Yours

This album reminds me of my first girlfriend, my first proper relationship in fact. There’s such a warm rush of nostalgia on hearing it, I could be time-travelling back to the early 90s. Ah, that simple time, before public internet, when mobile phones were the size of a three-door hatchback, and when watching Neighbours in … Continue reading #1253 Shakespears Sister – Hormonally Yours

#346 Lloyd Cole – Don’t Get Weird On Me Babe

Cole’s second solo album which is similar to the stripped-down, acoustic(ish) vibe of Paul Weller’s far more successful Wild Wood, but released two years earlier. Perhaps because he was a little ahead of his time this album didn’t fare so well and is not that well known. If he brought it out now in an … Continue reading #346 Lloyd Cole – Don’t Get Weird On Me Babe

#215 David Bowie – Buddha of Suburbia

I vaguely recall watching the Buddha of Suburbia when Hanif Kureishi’s debut novel was turned into a 4-part BBC drama in 1993. The vagueness is not due to its impact (which was considerable) or the mists of time, but the fact that I was in my second year of University, which was spent mainly undertaking … Continue reading #215 David Bowie – Buddha of Suburbia