#761 Ute Lemper – Berlin Cabaret Songs

I’ve liked Ute Lemper for a long time, first coming across her in the 1991 album she released of Michael Nyman songs. Her rendition of his setting to music of a letter written by Mozart three days before his death, I Am An Unusual Thing is what first grabbed my attention at the age of … Continue reading #761 Ute Lemper – Berlin Cabaret Songs

#1503 Scott Walker – Sings Jaques Brel

I adore Scott Walker, and have done since I discovered him, off the back of Bowie, as a teenager. This compilation of the nine Jacques Brel songs that he covers on his first three solo albums is the first Walker that I listened to and I fell hard for his stunning baritone voice, as well … Continue reading #1503 Scott Walker – Sings Jaques Brel

#263 Cabaret – Original Soundtrack Recording

If I was to put together a list of those records which have the most significance to me on a deeply personal primal level, then this would be on it. And if I was to put together a list of those films which had the most profoundly cathartic impact in my then fragile mental state … Continue reading #263 Cabaret – Original Soundtrack Recording

#528 Brigitte Bardot & Serge Gainsbourg – Bonnie and Clyde

Gainsbourg was/is a god, a genius, a prolific master of multiple musical styles and art forms. He recorded over 500 songs, wrote and produced multiple albums for other artists as well as himself, wrote a book, directed a film, acted in over 50 TV and film roles and composed the soundtrack for another 50+ more. … Continue reading #528 Brigitte Bardot & Serge Gainsbourg – Bonnie and Clyde

#795 Nellie McKay – Get Away From Me

Witty, literate, and talented, Ms McKay was 21 years old when she released this in 2004, her debut album. A double album. And if issuing a double album for your debut doesn’t ooze enough confidence already, then you should hear what she has to offer. The title is a piss take on Norah Jones’ worldwide … Continue reading #795 Nellie McKay – Get Away From Me

#337 Noël Coward – Mad Dogs & Englishmen

This two CD compilation of over 40 songs still represents a drop in the ocean of Coward’s prolific output. It includes two live performances, at Las Vegas in 1955 and New York in 1956, and it’s clear from the audience’s rapturous reception and familiarity with the songs that he was as popular with the Americans … Continue reading #337 Noël Coward – Mad Dogs & Englishmen

#378 DeVotchKa – A Mad and Faithful Telling

DeVotchKa are from Denver, although sound like they’re from late Cold War era Prague. For some reason I always associate their music with eating pierogi in a basic, previously government-owned, diner in downtown Krakow in the summer of 2008. Their music has a folky gypsy punk cabaret vibe and I bet they're as much fun … Continue reading #378 DeVotchKa – A Mad and Faithful Telling