#1467 Various Artists – Rough Guide to Afrobeat Revolution

This is another great eclectic compilation from the Rough Guide, released by World Music Network. I’ve bought a few of their comps in recent years and over the last decade or so have become a big fan of Afrobeat, in particular the political drive and pulsing rhythms of Fela Kuti. This collection celebrates the progenitors … Continue reading #1467 Various Artists – Rough Guide to Afrobeat Revolution

#1398 Various Artists – Brexit Blues

This is the most recent CD I acquired, a BOGOF offer when I purchased the Rough Guide To World Music for Children from World Music Network a couple of months ago. I can highly recommend the latter if you want something different but undeniably groovy to bop around the living room with a 4-month old … Continue reading #1398 Various Artists – Brexit Blues

#1558 Los Zafiros – Bossa Cubana

Los Zafiros, (The Sapphires in English) were a mid-60s Cuban five-piece, a doo-wop singing quartet with Manuel Galban accompanying them on guitar. Ignacio Elejaide’s tenor voice is quite extraordinary - high and pure – far higher than anything you’d hear from their inspirations The Platters, The Drifters or The Ink Spots. I’m not a connoisseur … Continue reading #1558 Los Zafiros – Bossa Cubana

#1371 Various Artists – Lo Mejor Del Genero Afro-Peruano

I bought this in a record shop in Lima which I’ve now forgotten the name of, but I hunted it out especially as I always like to buy music from countries that I visit, in particular non-European ones. My trip to Peru was 7 years ago now but the music on this compilation sounds fresher … Continue reading #1371 Various Artists – Lo Mejor Del Genero Afro-Peruano

#1332 Various Artists – 10 Bollywood Remix Film Hits

I bought this cassette in Kuala Lumpur in the year 2000, a short while after travelling around India for 3 months and falling in love with the country, the people, the culture and in particular the sound of Bollywood musicals. By then me and my girlfriend at the time had bought ourselves a radio cassette … Continue reading #1332 Various Artists – 10 Bollywood Remix Film Hits

#301 Manu Chao – Proxima Estacion Esperanza

This is Manu Chao’s second solo album, but my first. I came across him from attending WOMAD festival in 2002, the summer after my girlfriend and I returned from our two-year round-the-world trip and were trying to recapture the freedom and joie de vivre by buying a campervan. Definitely a good move at a music … Continue reading #301 Manu Chao – Proxima Estacion Esperanza