#88 BBC – Sound Effects No 1

This may seem a somewhat unusual choice for a review of music albums, but then I have a somewhat unusual choice of listening. I bought this copy a few years ago in another record fair bargain bin purely for nostalgic purposes, and it was a delight to listen to again. My first encounter with it … Continue reading #88 BBC – Sound Effects No 1


#275 Can – Ege Bamyasi

I am a recent convert to Can. Not that I didn’t like them before, they just weren’t really on my radar. Heard of, obviously, but not really heard. So having immersed a toe tentatively in the murky depths of Krautrock I read up a bit on them and bought this album as my starting point. … Continue reading #275 Can – Ege Bamyasi

#1320 The Three Tenors (Carreras, Domingo, Pavarotti) – In Concert

This is my wife’s record, bought for €1 a couple of years ago at a Utrecht Record Fair. It’s a classic album and one that turned the three mid-life operatic tenors into a boy band. This is a concert recording of their first performance together, conceived as a fundraiser for Jose Carreras International Leukaemia Foundation, … Continue reading #1320 The Three Tenors (Carreras, Domingo, Pavarotti) – In Concert

#1474 The Verve – Urban Hymns

This is another album that I associate with my university years, although it came out the year after I graduated in 1997. I was still living in Leicester, my university city, working, and it somehow fitted the feeling of that post-graduation "now what? shit what job does one get with an English degree?" feeling of … Continue reading #1474 The Verve – Urban Hymns

#1025 Prince – Music from Graffiti Bridge

The most generous of double albums and therein (for me) lies its failing. Although Prince wrote all of the songs, he performs on only roughly half of the tracks, offering the others to his many disciples and muses: Mavis Staples, The Time and the teenage Tevin Campbell. (Hmm, what happened to him?) The album also … Continue reading #1025 Prince – Music from Graffiti Bridge

#1292 Talking Heads – 77

My introduction to Talking Heads was hearing Once In A Lifetime on the radio (Dave Lee Travis if memory serves) and being absolutely BLOWN AWAY. I bought Remain In Light on vinyl soon after; one of the first bought items in my record collection. I then worked backwards sporadically and bought this, their debut, from … Continue reading #1292 Talking Heads – 77