#143 Philippe Besombes – Libra, Un Film Du Groupe Pattern

Philippe Besombes is little known outside of his native France, but should be far more widely celebrated as an experimental music pioneer. This is his first solo album, a soundtrack for a dialogue-free film made by the Pattern Group of French underground film directors. It ranges from pysch-rock to experimental shrieks and feedback, free jazz … Continue reading #143 Philippe Besombes – Libra, Un Film Du Groupe Pattern

#986 Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells

I have to quote the first sentence of Allmusic.com’s review of this album, because it’s hilarious in its hyperbole:  “Mike Oldfield's groundbreaking album Tubular Bells is arguably the finest conglomeration of off-centered instruments concerted together to form a single unique piece.” I see where they’re coming from, for ‘pop music’ at the time (1973) it wasn’t what … Continue reading #986 Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells

Vangelis – Odyssey: The Definitive Collection

Evángelos Odysséas Papathanassíou Is a curious composer. Some of his soundtrack work, in particular the theme from Chariots of Fire, but also Blade Runner, Mutiny on the Bounty and tracks such as Pulstar from Albedo 0.39 are instantly recognisable, yet very little is known about the man himself. He keeps his personal life personal and … Continue reading Vangelis – Odyssey: The Definitive Collection

#669 Isaac Hayes – Shaft: Original Soundtrack

Yeah, sex is great, but have you heard the album version of Isaac Hayes’ Theme from Shaft with it’s pure and glistening 2.40 minutes of blistering wah-wah funk guitar riff before the vocal even thinks about sliding in, smooth as soul butter on sex toast.   Shaft is arguably the archetypal blaxploitation film, part-defining 1970s … Continue reading #669 Isaac Hayes – Shaft: Original Soundtrack

#224 David Bowie – Hours

This is probably my least favourite David Bowie album, which is a sentence that no one wants to write about their most beloved artist, even when it’s a statistical certainty. I mean, one of them has to come at the bottom. It’s not ‘bad’, its not even ‘so bad its good’ in the vein of … Continue reading #224 David Bowie – Hours

#1412 Shigeru Umebayashi – 2046 Film Soundtrack

This is a beautiful, lush soundtrack that oozes sophistication. Listening to it made me yearn to see the film again, the music encapsulating Wong Kar-Wai’s wonderful film which evokes film noir/romance of the 1950s, with the red velvet curtain pulled back to show Hong Kong in the ‘far future’. Albeit that 2046 is now just … Continue reading #1412 Shigeru Umebayashi – 2046 Film Soundtrack

#892 Monty Python – Sings

Music and comedy have long been close bedfellows. Music is a natural and immediate form of storytelling, and ultimately that’s what comedy is about, even the surrealist slapstick variety. The variety comedy acts of the music hall cemented this tradition firmly in the British mindset (George Formby, Jake Thackray, Flanders and Swann etc), and Monty … Continue reading #892 Monty Python – Sings

#1167 Lalo Schifrin – Black Widow

Lalo Schifrin, best known for defining the films of Bullitt, Mission Impossible and Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry films through his iconic, impossibly cool musical statements, has here released an album of what can only be described as Disco jazz funk. And oh my, it’s a sound for sore ears in these ego-filled electioneering Brexit-battered days. … Continue reading #1167 Lalo Schifrin – Black Widow

#1025 Prince – Music from Graffiti Bridge

The most generous of double albums and therein (for me) lies its failing. Although Prince wrote all of the songs, he performs on only roughly half of the tracks, offering the others to his many disciples and muses: Mavis Staples, The Time and the teenage Tevin Campbell. (Hmm, what happened to him?) The album also … Continue reading #1025 Prince – Music from Graffiti Bridge