#1551 White Noise – An Electric Storm

This album is Delia Derbyshire’s New Adventures in Hi-Fi following her departure from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. It’s a curious beast, a collaboration between her and David Vorhaus. Her one-time compatriot Brian Hodgson also appears, assisting with the electronic knob-twiddling on the last track, along with vocals from John Whitman, Annie Bird, Val Shaw and … Continue reading #1551 White Noise – An Electric Storm

#85 BBC Radiophonic Workshop – Fourth Dimension

This is a 2014 Music on Vinyl reissue of a 1973 release from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. I bought my copy from the fantastic Concerto record shop in Amsterdam whilst I was living and working in the city. It features radio and TV signature tunes and incidental music created through the Workshop’s distinctive approach, as … Continue reading #85 BBC Radiophonic Workshop – Fourth Dimension

#1374 Various Artists – Electric: The Very Best of Electronic, New Wave & Synth

This is the second of a two CD 1980s electro-synth pop compilation, or Level 2 as they like to call it. The first one has already popped up on the randometer a few months back. Its much the same as the first, a brilliant 2 CD, 40 song selection of the toppest of the poppest … Continue reading #1374 Various Artists – Electric: The Very Best of Electronic, New Wave & Synth

#668 Jean-Michel Jarre – Oxygène

I’ve never been a particular fan of JMJ, generally preferring my electronic instrumental music as either the full-blown ridiculously OTT progtastic fare of Wakeman or Wayne, or chugging motorik krautrock or the early electronic pioneers of Carlos, Derbyshire and Oram, or the neo-classical composers of Johann Johannson et al. That said, Jarre has written one … Continue reading #668 Jean-Michel Jarre – Oxygène