#457 Erasure – Pop! The First 20 Hits

This is good old-fashioned pop, from way back in the mid-80s to early 90s. This compilation album does what it says on the shiny tin: the first 20 hits, from 1985’s Who Needs Love Like That to their 1992 EP Abbaesque and the cover Take A Chance On Me. Erasure and Abba are a perfect … Continue reading #457 Erasure – Pop! The First 20 Hits


#581 Goldfrapp – Felt Mountain

I bought this on its release having heard the lead single Lovely Head. I loved it instantly. A little like Portishead’s debut in 1994, when this came out in 2000, it sounded like nothing else around. It sounded the voices in the head, the music and mood in mind and an untapped yearning for something … Continue reading #581 Goldfrapp – Felt Mountain

#1374 Various Artists – Electric: The Very Best of Electronic, New Wave & Synth

This is the second of a two CD 1980s electro-synth pop compilation, or Level 2 as they like to call it. The first one has already popped up on the randometer a few months back. Its much the same as the first, a brilliant 2 CD, 40 song selection of the toppest of the poppest … Continue reading #1374 Various Artists – Electric: The Very Best of Electronic, New Wave & Synth

#668 Jean-Michel Jarre – Oxygène

I’ve never been a particular fan of JMJ, generally preferring my electronic instrumental music as either the full-blown ridiculously OTT progtastic fare of Wakeman or Wayne, or chugging motorik krautrock or the early electronic pioneers of Carlos, Derbyshire and Oram, or the neo-classical composers of Johann Johannson et al. That said, Jarre has written one … Continue reading #668 Jean-Michel Jarre – Oxygène

#1056 Queen – Flash Gordon

This album doesn’t tend to feature very highly in lists of Queen’s best albums, often appearing around the Hot Space mark, but I really like it. I think the camp over-the-top tongue-in-cheek nature of the film is a match made in heaven for a band like Queen. Flash Gordon, produced by Dino DeLaurentis, the man … Continue reading #1056 Queen – Flash Gordon