#1499 Various Artists – Hi-Fidelity (a taste of stereo sound)

Well here’s a thing. At the end of 2017, Sainsbury’s, the large British supermarket retailer, announced it was setting up its own record label called, appropriately enough, Own Label, off the back of the vinyl revival. Two LPs swiftly followed, to be sold in a selection of their larger stores only, this one and Coming … Continue reading #1499 Various Artists – Hi-Fidelity (a taste of stereo sound)

#1058 Pink Floyd – Dark Side Of The Moon

I was wondering when one of the most critically acclaimed records of modern popular music was going to turn up on the randometer. Pink Floyd’s eighth album regularly appears at the top, or at least top ten, of best albums ever, and remains the 4th best-selling album of all time, with 45 million sales. When … Continue reading #1058 Pink Floyd – Dark Side Of The Moon

#1129 Queen – Made In Heaven

I confess that I refused to acknowledge this album’s place in the Queen canon for a long time. It just didn’t seem right for May, Taylor and Deacon to be salvaging and regurgitating scraps of Mercury’s vocals for posthumous release. Perhaps I was still grieving. Maybe I would have felt differently if I knew then what … Continue reading #1129 Queen – Made In Heaven

#1145 Lou Reed – Transformer

Another Bowie and Ronson production, and one that jumpstarted Lou Reed’s solo career after his lacklustre debut. Both their influences are everywhere on this album, as is the ongoing presence of Andy Warhol. Ronson adds some glam rock guitar raunch as well as the perfect piano part and string arrangement on Perfect Day. As well … Continue reading #1145 Lou Reed – Transformer

#722 Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

This is the album that made Elton John the musical legend he is today. Sure, he’d had some prior success (especially in America) and hit singles with Daniel and Crocodile Rock, but this is the album that cemented that reputation and contains the songs for which, arguably, he is most loved. It’s an epic double-album, … Continue reading #722 Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

#6 Abba – The Visitors

This is Abba’s eighth and final studio album and, although not as commercially successful as their preceding ones, it really is very good. There’s no Dancing Queen or Winner Takes it All on here, but that’s okay because they’d already written those perfect pop songs. What we do have is a little darker, a bit … Continue reading #6 Abba – The Visitors

#406 The Doors – The Best Of

Another compilation, but this time from a band that really are best heard on their long players. That said, for a one-disc 17 track ‘best of’ this does pretty well, as with Blur adopting the ‘set list’ rather than chronological approach to track order. For a band that took themselves overly seriously at times, they … Continue reading #406 The Doors – The Best Of

#105 The Beatles – Revolver

“More popular than Jesus.” Hearing this album, it’s not hard to understand why. Revolver is one helluva album, arguably The Beatles’ best, and genesis of ‘art rock’. Released in 1966 at the height of their fame - though after Lennon’s remarks on religion it prompted the God-fearing folk of America (that bastion of democracy and … Continue reading #105 The Beatles – Revolver

#770 Led Zeppelin – Houses Of The Holy

Listening to this takes me back to my old bedroom in my parents’ house. Slipping the record out of its rather naughty cover of naked children, placing needle to groove and getting my head blown off. In a good way. This was an early purchase in my burgeoning record collection. Bought shortly after Led Zep … Continue reading #770 Led Zeppelin – Houses Of The Holy