#834 Meat Loaf – Bat Out Of Hell

The pop-epic that is Bat Out Of Hell somehow passed me by. You’d think I’d been avoiding it deliberately given that it’s one of the greatest selling albums of all time. In the UK it’s never been out of the charts, behind only Rumours and Dark Side of the Moon for longevity. But my ownership … Continue reading #834 Meat Loaf – Bat Out Of Hell

#680 The Ink Spots – The Best Of

It was one of my ex-girlfriends that first got me into The Ink Spots, about 20 years ago. She had this Best Of album on vinyl but took it with her when she left (most inconsiderate) so I was delighted to find it in a Record Fair a couple of years ago for the fine … Continue reading #680 The Ink Spots – The Best Of

#712 Elton John – Captain Fantastic and the Dirt Brown Cowboy

This is classic Elton. Mid-Seventies, full of bravado and bombast yet graced with enough humility and empathy to genuinely move the listener. It’s a concept album of sorts, an autobiographical storytelling in song of the rags to riches rise of John and Taupin as songsmiths extraordinaire. By 1975 he had released nine studio albums, a … Continue reading #712 Elton John – Captain Fantastic and the Dirt Brown Cowboy

#293 Carpenters – Gold: Greatest Hits

This album should be delivered free to all households as part of the Government’s Coronavirus relief effort. That’s if there are any households who don’t already own this album. I’ve found these songs, and Karen Carpenter's velvety voice, particularly comforting in the last few days amidst all the scary statistics, endless media speculation and Governments' … Continue reading #293 Carpenters – Gold: Greatest Hits

#728 The Kinks – Complete Collection

The Kinks were the original Brit Pop, who took the lyricism and catchy melodies of The Beatles and their Merseybeat contemporaries, turned up the amps, and turned out a rawer sound, paving the way for punk, heavier rock groups like The Who, as well as crafting realistic portraits of life on the streets of London. … Continue reading #728 The Kinks – Complete Collection