#832 Mika – Life in Cartoon Motion

I had assumed that this was Mika’s debut, but apparently not, its just his first major label release and the point of entry with the general public. Coming as it did, soon after the disco camp niche carved out by the Scissor Sisters, it landed well with a British public in 2007 keen for optimism … Continue reading #832 Mika – Life in Cartoon Motion


#457 Erasure – Pop! The First 20 Hits

This is good old-fashioned pop, from way back in the mid-80s to early 90s. This compilation album does what it says on the shiny tin: the first 20 hits, from 1985’s Who Needs Love Like That to their 1992 EP Abbaesque and the cover Take A Chance On Me. Erasure and Abba are a perfect … Continue reading #457 Erasure – Pop! The First 20 Hits

#1025 Prince – Music from Graffiti Bridge

The most generous of double albums and therein (for me) lies its failing. Although Prince wrote all of the songs, he performs on only roughly half of the tracks, offering the others to his many disciples and muses: Mavis Staples, The Time and the teenage Tevin Campbell. (Hmm, what happened to him?) The album also … Continue reading #1025 Prince – Music from Graffiti Bridge

#781 Madonna – The Immaculate Collection

I’m not a massive Madonna fan, or even a medium-sized one, but I don’t think anyone can profess to love popular music without recognising her importance and gender and genre-busting influence. She’s the 4th most commercially successful music artist ever (behind The Beatles, Elvis and Jackson) and is far and away the most successful female … Continue reading #781 Madonna – The Immaculate Collection

#1034 Prince – Sign ‘O’ The Times

This is a sprawling sexy masterpiece: a double album, Prince’s ninth and the first proudly bearing the statement: “Produced, arranged, composed and performed by Prince.” Featuring four hit singles including the era-defining Sign 'O' The Times, it’s actually the hidden gems amongst its 16 tracks that make this album so special. Starfish and Coffee, The … Continue reading #1034 Prince – Sign ‘O’ The Times

#1374 Various Artists – Electric: The Very Best of Electronic, New Wave & Synth

This is the second of a two CD 1980s electro-synth pop compilation, or Level 2 as they like to call it. The first one has already popped up on the randometer a few months back. Its much the same as the first, a brilliant 2 CD, 40 song selection of the toppest of the poppest … Continue reading #1374 Various Artists – Electric: The Very Best of Electronic, New Wave & Synth

#510 Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Welcome to the Pleasuredome

Crash! Bang! Wallop! Frankie Goes To Hollywood (the name taken from a newspaper headline about Frank Sinatra) burst onto the British pop scene in an explosion of glitter and leather. A debut number one album. Three consecutive number one singles, an iconic T-shirt marketing campaign, a uniquely memorably moment of broadcasting history when their debut … Continue reading #510 Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Welcome to the Pleasuredome