#367 Doris Day – The Doris Day Songbook

Doris Day is perhaps best known these days for her film roles (I adore her in Calamity Jane!) but for me, she’ll always be first and foremost a singer. During the 40s she recorded many classic jazz and swing tunes. This record is a compilation produced in Germany which I bought at the Utrecht Record … Continue reading #367 Doris Day – The Doris Day Songbook


#1244 Barbra Streisand – And Other Musical Instruments

This is a very recent (£1 eBay) purchase, and I’m delighted that it’s come up on the randometer. I read about it on one of those 50 weirdest albums listicles somewhere on Tinterweb, and was intrigued by the write up, not least because you don’t expect Babs to be amongst the usual suspects of Metal … Continue reading #1244 Barbra Streisand – And Other Musical Instruments

#285 Carousel – Original Musical Soundtrack

This is one of my grandfather’s records, which he probably bought for 50p in Woolworths. It’s a limited selection for a World Record Club release; a studio production rather than a cast recording, and perhaps as a result loses some of the atmosphere and context of the stage show. Carousel is Rodgers and Hammerstein’s second … Continue reading #285 Carousel – Original Musical Soundtrack

#781 Henry Mancini – All Time Greatest Hits

This is my wife’s CD, but now sits on our shared shelves, of which about 10 CDs are hers (and 6 of those Queen) and the remaining 990 mine. This is mainly to do with a) her moving house/country and having to downsize in the process, and b) her younger brother ‘borrowing’ and then giving … Continue reading #781 Henry Mancini – All Time Greatest Hits

#437 Duke Ellington – Mary Poppins

Allmusic.com describes Ellington as the “Greatest all-round musical figure of the 20th century” and they’re not wrong. He was a titan, not just in his field of jazz, but in pretty much anything he turned his hand to - leading his band for nearly 50 years, composing and arranging multiple jazz standards, writing Broadway musicals … Continue reading #437 Duke Ellington – Mary Poppins

#1419 Various Artists – This Is The Return of Cult Fiction

The easy listening revival, repackaged nostalgic ‘lounge’ and reinvented ‘guilty pleasures’ (PSA: all music should be enjoyed guilt free!) were ubiquitous in the mid-90s. This CD, it’s prequel and multiple other compilations with similar advertising jingles, incidental music, cult TV and film theme tunes were to blame. Although, it was Pulp Fiction that kickstarted the … Continue reading #1419 Various Artists – This Is The Return of Cult Fiction