#1599 Frank Zappa – Hot Rats

I woke up to Peaches En Regalia in my head the other morning. Which made a nice change to the usual nursery rhyme earworms that we sing to our daughter every day and now seem to be buried deep into my subconscious. I think of Hot Rats as Zappa’s first success at gaining musical credibility … Continue reading #1599 Frank Zappa – Hot Rats

#725 Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures

This has been perfect lockdown listening. Joy Division are masters of channelling isolation, despair, loneliness and a general sense of discombobulation. I’ve been feeling a bit discombobulated recently and listening to this certainly helped. It didn’t alleviate it, but it solidified it somehow, made it more tangible and that’s almost as good in these shapeshifting … Continue reading #725 Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures

#207 David Bowie – Station To Station

Often described as a transitional album, from the plastic soul of Young Americans, to the “Berlin trilogy” of Low-Heroes-Lodger, Station to Station is so much more than that. One of my top three Bowie albums; it stands out as one of his most creatively daring and musically distinctive. It does, however, retain the rhythmic funk … Continue reading #207 David Bowie – Station To Station

#1446 Various Artists – Psychedelia: A 50 Year Trip

This two-CD 32-track 2016 compilation from Rhino Records has at times adopted a broad and surprising definition of the term ‘psychedelia’ but the music is always great. There’s a lot of lesser known bands and songs here which, for me, is its attraction. There are some artists here which do feel out of place, in … Continue reading #1446 Various Artists – Psychedelia: A 50 Year Trip

#494 The Flaming Lips – Clouds Taste Metallic

This is the seventh Flaming Lips album (they’re on their 17th studio album now, not counting over a dozen more EPs, live albums and random weirdness) and it’s as brilliant and bonkers as the rest of their output. Released in 1995, it came just before the innovative envelope-pushing Zaireeka, which I confess I have yet … Continue reading #494 The Flaming Lips – Clouds Taste Metallic

#1112 Lou Reed – NYC Man

Subtitled ‘The Ultimate Collection 1967 - 2003’ this is probably the closest to ‘ultimate’ that’s ever likely to be released, given his death in 2013, his wayward career and idiosyncratic approach to his back catalogue. Here, Reed eschews chronology and adopts a mood-piece approach in this remastering of a mix of Velvet Underground tracks, his … Continue reading #1112 Lou Reed – NYC Man

#1435 Various Artists – Running The Voodoo Down: Explorations In Psychrockfunksouljazz 1967-80

This is a truly beautiful piece of vinyl. A psychedelic eye in the record centre with spattered luminous green on one side and purple on the other, cosmic album art and a full poster-size insert with extensive sleeve notes. (Check out my Instagram for pics of all) It's clear a labour of love by the … Continue reading #1435 Various Artists – Running The Voodoo Down: Explorations In Psychrockfunksouljazz 1967-80