#834 Meat Loaf – Bat Out Of Hell

The pop-epic that is Bat Out Of Hell somehow passed me by. You’d think I’d been avoiding it deliberately given that it’s one of the greatest selling albums of all time. In the UK it’s never been out of the charts, behind only Rumours and Dark Side of the Moon for longevity. But my ownership … Continue reading #834 Meat Loaf – Bat Out Of Hell

#680 The Ink Spots – The Best Of

It was one of my ex-girlfriends that first got me into The Ink Spots, about 20 years ago. She had this Best Of album on vinyl but took it with her when she left (most inconsiderate) so I was delighted to find it in a Record Fair a couple of years ago for the fine … Continue reading #680 The Ink Spots – The Best Of

#691 Jethro Tull – Aqualung

This is 35 years and musical worlds away from Joanna Newsom in terms of casual listening, but not so far in practice. A classical instrument played by the lead singer (Ian Anderson’s flute to Newsom’s harp), a folkish background, and a complex, intellectual set of lyrics; here, a fierce yet articulate deconstruction of Christianity. This … Continue reading #691 Jethro Tull – Aqualung

#1449 Various Artists – Spirit of Rock

Probe Records was a short-lived label housed under ABC Records operating from 1970-1974. Arguably their most interesting signing was Soft Machine, and they released both the first and second of their albums. Though starting in a proggy psychedelic vein with signings such as Rare Bird and Little Zephyr, none of those artists appear on this … Continue reading #1449 Various Artists – Spirit of Rock