#885 The Mummers – Tale To Tell

The Mummers coulda been a contender. They should have been massive. This is their debut album, and it's great. Sumptuous, dramatic, orchestrally bold and inventive, a bit of a mix of mid-era Goldfrapp (think Seventh Tree), Rufus Wainwright’s operatic(esque) Want One and Want Two albums, with hints of Beirut, a little pinch of The Divine … Continue reading #885 The Mummers – Tale To Tell


#502 Fleetwood Mac – Greatest Hits

When I think of Fleetwood Mac’s Greatest Hits, I automatically think of the 1971 album with the red cover from their early Peter Green Days. That was my introduction to the Mac. My brother bought that album, one of his first (along with Genesis) and I still have it now, thank you very much. I … Continue reading #502 Fleetwood Mac – Greatest Hits

#1043 Prince & The Revolution – Around the World in a Day

This is Prince’s 7th album and it sits midway in his incredible run of 8 albums in 8 years: Dirty Mind – Controversy - 1999 – Purple Rain – ATWIAD – Parade – Sign O The Times – Lovesexy. These albums (Controversy arguably excluded) are not only the crowning glories of his many achievements, but … Continue reading #1043 Prince & The Revolution – Around the World in a Day

#780 Madonna – Ray of Light

This is the singer’s seventh album, appearing after quite a gap in which she treaded water for a while releasing a compilation of ballads and the Evita soundtrack. It’s not the first where she self-consciously reinvents herself, borrowing and remoulding in her own image musical and cultural trends of the time (see also: Vogue from … Continue reading #780 Madonna – Ray of Light

#832 Mika – Life in Cartoon Motion

I had assumed that this was Mika’s debut, but apparently not, its just his first major label release and the point of entry with the general public. Coming as it did, soon after the disco camp niche carved out by the Scissor Sisters, it landed well with a British public in 2007 keen for optimism … Continue reading #832 Mika – Life in Cartoon Motion