#678 Billy Joel – Greatest Hits Volume I & Volume II

I’ve never quite understood why Billy Joel is often too readily dismissed as an artist, or considered a poor second to Elton John. Perhaps this is just a British thing, and he’s as revered as much as the Grand Dame herself in his native USA. He may have had a more sober taste in stage … Continue reading #678 Billy Joel – Greatest Hits Volume I & Volume II


#322 Coldplay – A Rush Of Blood To The Head

This album kicks off with banging drums and crashing cymbals and is a clear announcement that they mean business. As in the ‘lets sell shit-loads of records’ business. It’s a significant step up from their debut Parachutes. The opener Politik is a good example of what has become typical of the Coldplay playbook: chiming repetitive … Continue reading #322 Coldplay – A Rush Of Blood To The Head

#957 Tennant/Lowe – Battleship Potemkin

This album is credited to Tennant/Lowe and performed by the Pet Shop Boys with the Dresdner Sinfoniker. Essentially, its Neil and Chris giving Eisenstein’s 1925 masterpiece of early silent filmmaking the modern soundtrack makeover, with their own unmistakable footprint. It was commissioned by "Red Ken" Livingstone, the first Mayor of London for a free performance … Continue reading #957 Tennant/Lowe – Battleship Potemkin

#1298 Emiliana Torrini – Fisherman’s Woman

Emiliana Torrini is an interesting creature. An Icelander with Italian heritage, her first album Love in the Time of Science, was Bjork-like in its electronic trip-hop beats and bleeps. This, her second from 2005, is almost the polar opposite and is purely acoustic. Acoustic, gentle and minimalistic, not unlike Nick Drake’s delicate masterpiece, Pink Moon. … Continue reading #1298 Emiliana Torrini – Fisherman’s Woman

#501 Florence + the Machine – Lungs

I first saw Florence and her machine in 2008, just after she’d released her first single Kiss With A Fist, and she was supporting MGMT. At that time, MGMT were huge, riding high on the brilliance of their debut album which seemed to capture the mid-noughties insouciance and summer vibe. The audience at that particular … Continue reading #501 Florence + the Machine – Lungs