#952 Ooberman – Carried Away

“Ooberman were a rather good psychedelic indie folk pop band active from 1998 to 2006.” This is the description in the ‘About’ section on the band’s FaceBook page. An accurate one-line summary. Ooberman were really rather good and I adored their first album, The Magic Treehouse and the track Shorley Wall, first heard in 1998 … Continue reading #952 Ooberman – Carried Away

#889 Alison Moyet – The Turn

The original Adele, Ms Moyet has a fantastic voice – soulful, bluesy, a powerful female voice always sung in her local vernacular rather than adopting an Americanised twang like many of her British and Irish contemporaries. This album, her 7th, is not forging any new ground but then neither would you expect or want it … Continue reading #889 Alison Moyet – The Turn

#94 The Beach Boys – The SMiLE Sessions

The Beach Boys’ SMiLE, intended as their follow-up to Pet Sounds, but abandoned in 1967, achieved iconic status as the most infamous unreleased album ever. That is, until Brian Wilson re-recorded his own version, released in 2004. That record popped up on my randometer back in October 2018. There were of course multiple bootlegged versions … Continue reading #94 The Beach Boys – The SMiLE Sessions

#970 Dolly Parton – Greatest Hits

Oh this is a breath of fresh air right now! Gotta love a bit of Dolly. Not my usual listening fare of course (prog rock, Krautrock, weirdy electronic noise), but you can’t fault her as a consummate performer and professional. Not to mention philanthropist. One of the true musical legends we have left. This compilation … Continue reading #970 Dolly Parton – Greatest Hits

#293 Carpenters – Gold: Greatest Hits

This album should be delivered free to all households as part of the Government’s Coronavirus relief effort. That’s if there are any households who don’t already own this album. I’ve found these songs, and Karen Carpenter's velvety voice, particularly comforting in the last few days amidst all the scary statistics, endless media speculation and Governments' … Continue reading #293 Carpenters – Gold: Greatest Hits