#1214 The Smiths – Singles

Whatever you might think of Morrissey’s political views – and whatever you might think it should be to abhor his recent ridiculous racist posturings – it does not and should not detract from his immense contribution to British indie pop music, and the many brilliant songs he wrote. Most of them during his time as … Continue reading #1214 The Smiths – Singles


#99 The Beatles – Abbey Road

This is the last recorded Beatles album, and by no means their least. Unlike the White Album, recorded the year previously, it’s an album of a band never sounding more together as a band, rather than four musicians (okay maybe 3.5) who just happen to record their pet solo projects in the same studio at … Continue reading #99 The Beatles – Abbey Road

#111 The Beatles – With The Beatles

A sophomore album of the highest degree, recorded and released within the same year as their debut, you can already hear how fast they’re developing – in confidence and compositional skills. This record has seven Lennon-McCartney originals on it, as well as George Harrison’s first outing, and they all get a share of the lead … Continue reading #111 The Beatles – With The Beatles

#1142 Diana Ross & The Supremes – Number Ones

Not my usual listening matter, and consequently I’ve not picked this CD out of my collection for a good few years. You can’t deny their hit-making prowess, the biggest ‘girl’ group ever, rivalling the Beatles in popularity in the 1960s and at one point having five #1 singles in a row. Much of that is … Continue reading #1142 Diana Ross & The Supremes – Number Ones

#412 Bob Dylan – Bringing It All Back Home

This is an astonishing album, and one that moves away from Dylan’s folk and talkin’ blues roots. Not only is he pushing his own musical boundaries (and famously those of his audience when he first performed this album at the Newport Folk Festival) his lyrical powers are on fire here. It’s an album of two … Continue reading #412 Bob Dylan – Bringing It All Back Home

#1411 Various Artists – Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968

Arguably one of the best rock compilations ever. It certainly sums up an era and a whole genre of music – celebrating some of the lesser known gems from garage psychedelic rock in the late 1960s. It was released in 1972 (although my vinyl copy that came up on the randometer is the 1976 re-issue, … Continue reading #1411 Various Artists – Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968