#94 The Beach Boys – The SMiLE Sessions

The Beach Boys’ SMiLE, intended as their follow-up to Pet Sounds, but abandoned in 1967, achieved iconic status as the most infamous unreleased album ever. That is, until Brian Wilson re-recorded his own version, released in 2004. That record popped up on my randometer back in October 2018. There were of course multiple bootlegged versions … Continue reading #94 The Beach Boys – The SMiLE Sessions

#293 Carpenters – Gold: Greatest Hits

This album should be delivered free to all households as part of the Government’s Coronavirus relief effort. That’s if there are any households who don’t already own this album. I’ve found these songs, and Karen Carpenter's velvety voice, particularly comforting in the last few days amidst all the scary statistics, endless media speculation and Governments' … Continue reading #293 Carpenters – Gold: Greatest Hits

#728 The Kinks – Complete Collection

The Kinks were the original Brit Pop, who took the lyricism and catchy melodies of The Beatles and their Merseybeat contemporaries, turned up the amps, and turned out a rawer sound, paving the way for punk, heavier rock groups like The Who, as well as crafting realistic portraits of life on the streets of London. … Continue reading #728 The Kinks – Complete Collection

#340 The Coral – The Coral

The band were barely out of their teenage tight jeans when this record was released in 2002. This barn-storming debut is modern psych-indie-rock, hailing from the Wirral, with a mix of 1960s Merseybeat and West Coast ‘70s psychedelia. It’s a little bit Beatles, a little bit Beach Boys, but with a healthy dollop of Beefheart … Continue reading #340 The Coral – The Coral

#699 John’s Children – Orgasm

This is about as diametrically opposed to Joan Armatrading’s music as it’s possible to be, and that’s why I love music as an artform so much: its SO personal. Plus why I love re-exploring my record collection in this wonderfully random way. I bought this record earlier this year in an excellent record shop in … Continue reading #699 John’s Children – Orgasm

#94 The Beatles – 1962-1966

What can I write about this collection of songs that hasn’t already been written about by far more eloquent and knowledgeable people? I can’t, so I won’t try. Suffice to say that this new and upcoming band from Liverpool are worth checking out, they’ve got a good local following there, with a residency in one … Continue reading #94 The Beatles – 1962-1966

#856 The Moody Blues – Days of Future Passed

I played this last week to my 13 month old nephew and he absolutely loved it. It is orchestral rock or progressive pop? Who knows? Who cares! It’s just great music. A highwater mark in the increasing maturity and creativity of late 60s British pop, recorded in the months following the release of The Beatles' … Continue reading #856 The Moody Blues – Days of Future Passed