#961 Pet Shop Boys – Suburbia 12”

I utterly adored the Pet Shop Boys as a teen and loved their mix of disco pop and deadpan observations of mid-80s Britain. The first album of theirs I bought was the Disco remix album from their debut Please which contained the 12” to Suburbia as well as Paninaro which appears on the B-side here, … Continue reading #961 Pet Shop Boys – Suburbia 12”


#1507 Wham! – The Final

I was never much of a Wham! fan in their heyday, they always seemed too ‘poppy’ for me. It was probably the exclamation mark that put me off. But then again I was only 10 when their first album came out and probably didn’t have the means to listen to pop music. I can’t quite … Continue reading #1507 Wham! – The Final

#576 Goldfrapp – Head First

I love Goldfrapp. Muchly. There’s really no one else doing quite what they do, and they’ve carved a little niche of their own. This album, their 5th, is arguably their most straightforward - pure unashamed electro disco pop but, as much as I love them, my least favourite. Each of their albums showcases Alison Goldfrapp’s … Continue reading #576 Goldfrapp – Head First

#1351 Various Artists – Electric

This is very different from the first Electronic compilation I own that popped up on the randometer, but probably what most people think of when they think of ‘early’ Electric music - classic early 80s synth hits. This is a barn-storming, tub-thumping, knuckle-cracking collection of tunes. It describes itself as “the very best of electronic, … Continue reading #1351 Various Artists – Electric

#1395 Pet Shop Boys – Back To Mine

Along with the Eurythmics, the Pet Shop Boys were one of the few bands I actually followed in ‘real time’, becoming quite obsessed with Paninaro from their second album Disco (a remix album of half the tracks from their first album Actually). For some reason I wrote out all the lyrics to Paninaro in runes, … Continue reading #1395 Pet Shop Boys – Back To Mine

#996 Prince – Batman

I’ll go out on a limb here and say this isn’t Prince’s best album. But it is lots of fun. The soundtrack to the 1989 Tim Burton directed Batman movie, back when superhero movies were a camp bit of nostalgic nonsense, before they all turned into identikit versions of overblown dialogue and CGI explosions. (Deadpool … Continue reading #996 Prince – Batman