#1315 They Might Be Giants – Flood

This album is the sound of my A levels. They were the second gig I ever attended at the UEA, after Danny Wilson. Birdhouse in Your Soul was their first big hit (Don’t Let’s Start from their debut having been a little bit of a hit) and it was one of those songs that you … Continue reading #1315 They Might Be Giants – Flood

#841 Monty Python – Previous Record

This is the second Python record to come up from my collection, you’d think I had dozens of them, but that’s the joy of random serendipity. This is Monty Python’s third album, released in 1972, with sketches drawn predominantly from their 3rd series of the Flying Circus. I first heard this as a young teenager, … Continue reading #841 Monty Python – Previous Record

#795 Nellie McKay – Get Away From Me

Witty, literate, and talented, Ms McKay was 21 years old when she released this in 2004, her debut album. A double album. And if issuing a double album for your debut doesn’t ooze enough confidence already, then you should hear what she has to offer. The title is a piss take on Norah Jones’ worldwide … Continue reading #795 Nellie McKay – Get Away From Me

#337 Noël Coward – Mad Dogs & Englishmen

This two CD compilation of over 40 songs still represents a drop in the ocean of Coward’s prolific output. It includes two live performances, at Las Vegas in 1955 and New York in 1956, and it’s clear from the audience’s rapturous reception and familiarity with the songs that he was as popular with the Americans … Continue reading #337 Noël Coward – Mad Dogs & Englishmen

#856 Monty Python – Another Monty Python Record

I first discovered Monty Python through their records rather than the Flying Circus TV show. This was via cassette copies of said records, smuggled into the house by my brother, lent most likely by the same friend who first introduced us to Genesis. (Scoggins bros, you have a lot to answer for!) It wasn’t until … Continue reading #856 Monty Python – Another Monty Python Record