#821 Massive Attack – Protection

I wasn’t really into Massive Attack at the time. Somehow their brilliant debut album, Blue Lines, passed me by when released in 1991. Maybe because I was focusing on my A levels at the time, but most likely because I just wasn’t cool enough. I recall clearly the brilliant video for Unfinished Sympathy but they … Continue reading #821 Massive Attack – Protection

#1015 Portishead – Dummy

I can recall exactly the moment I first heard Portishead. I was in my attic room of a shared student house whilst at university. It was late, my housemates already asleep, I was listening to the radio, mooching around my room when Glory Box came on and I paused whatever I was doing, stopped still … Continue reading #1015 Portishead – Dummy

#780 Madonna – Ray of Light

This is the singer’s seventh album, appearing after quite a gap in which she treaded water for a while releasing a compilation of ballads and the Evita soundtrack. It’s not the first where she self-consciously reinvents herself, borrowing and remoulding in her own image musical and cultural trends of the time (see also: Vogue from … Continue reading #780 Madonna – Ray of Light