#67 Barbarella – Original Soundtrack Recording

This album has already appeared on randomrecordreview once – my original vinyl copy given as a present from a dear friend. This is a CD release that I bought a few years earlier. Obviously the music is the same, but the experience of listening to it is different. It always is. I don’t care what anyone might say about the quality of the sound between vinyl and CD (pros and cons with both and depends very much on what you’re listening to) but the experience of putting a record on and a CD is very different. The whole getting up halfway through to turn it over is a significant part of the process. It’s an interruption, a pause, sometimes an unhelpful or annoying one (undoubtedly so in the case of an ongoing classical music piece) but for artists who have created their album around the necessity of that pause, the expectation of what the second side will bring, is as important a factor in the shaping of the tracklisting and sound production. Obviously, this matters less in a soundtrack album like this one, but the difference was notable all the same.

One of the advantages of CD re-releases of course is all that extra space, and whereas I’m often not keen on extra tracks that have been bolted on to the end of albums, jarring with the perfectly crafted ending that the artist has designed for you, here they truly are a bonus. What we get are 5 tracks played by ‘The Young Lovers’ that even the writer of the sleeve notes doesn’t seem to know who they really are, other than connected to Bob Crewe. Best of all are the three radio ads used to promote the film in the States. We also get quite a detailed synopsis of the film (presumably for millennials) which is hilarious given its general lack of adherence to logic or sane storytelling, and a lovely fold-out poster of the lovely Jane Fonda.

Best Bits: “A good many dramatic situations begin with screaming.”
Genre: Soundtrack Genius #2
Like This, Try This: Watch the film! Again! Here’s the original trailer for your viewing pleasure


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