#1455 Giuseppe Verdi – La Traviata

Arguably one of the most well-known operas by the master of the genre, La Traviata was a bit of a game-changer when first performed at Venice’s La Fenice in 1853. The title itself means fallen woman, and the libretto is based on a play by Alexander Dumas about said women, Violetta, a courtesan, and her … Continue reading #1455 Giuseppe Verdi – La Traviata


#856 Monty Python – Another Monty Python Record

I first discovered Monty Python through their records rather than the Flying Circus TV show. This was via cassette copies of said records, smuggled into the house by my brother, lent most likely by the same friend who first introduced us to Genesis. (Scoggins bros, you have a lot to answer for!) It wasn’t until … Continue reading #856 Monty Python – Another Monty Python Record

#1382 Various Artists – Fill Your Head With Rock

This double album compilation is a sequel to the CBS Rock Machine compilations, which I first discovered in my Aunt’s record collection when I lived with her in Scotland for a while before starting university. That was a formative time in so many respects, and the gradual exploration of her fair-sized record collection was a … Continue reading #1382 Various Artists – Fill Your Head With Rock

#1114 R.E.M. – Eponymous

Eponymous is essentially a singles collection from R.E.M.’s first five albums for I.R.S. Fortunately, it doesn’t come across as a contractual arrangement, or a desperate attempt by the record company to grab more royalties, but a worthy and worthwhile addition to R.E.M.’s back catalogue. I used to own this on cassette, with this particular vinyl … Continue reading #1114 R.E.M. – Eponymous

#367 Doris Day – The Doris Day Songbook

Doris Day is perhaps best known these days for her film roles (I adore her in Calamity Jane!) but for me, she’ll always be first and foremost a singer. During the 40s she recorded many classic jazz and swing tunes. This record is a compilation produced in Germany which I bought at the Utrecht Record … Continue reading #367 Doris Day – The Doris Day Songbook

#1136 Camille Saint-Saëns – Symphony No 3 (‘Organ’)

I love the utter randomness of the cover of this LP, bought at one of my Record Planet expeditions in Utrecht for €1. Record Fairs are often good places to find classical LPs because hardly anyone else there is looking for them, they’re after weird Italian prog rock or rare Japanese 7 inches. I’ve picked … Continue reading #1136 Camille Saint-Saëns – Symphony No 3 (‘Organ’)