#1518 The White Stripes – Elephant

There was a lot of hoo-hah around The White Stripes at the fin de siècle, and they seemed to encompass our collective cultural consciousness of millennium-fuelled paranoia and petulance, knowingness and naïveté with a raw au naturel back to basic blues. I was a bit slow on the uptake (never having been one to ride … Continue reading #1518 The White Stripes – Elephant


#1281 – Tegan & Sara – So Jealous

Tegan and Sara are two identical twins from Canada. This is their breakthrough album from 2004. Ten years later they were responsible for a strong contender for the catchiest pop song ever, Everything is Awesome for the Lego Movie. A song which, once it’s stuck in your head, will burrow itself into your brain like … Continue reading #1281 – Tegan & Sara – So Jealous