#961 Pet Shop Boys – Suburbia 12”

I utterly adored the Pet Shop Boys as a teen and loved their mix of disco pop and deadpan observations of mid-80s Britain. The first album of theirs I bought was the Disco remix album from their debut Please which contained the 12” to Suburbia as well as Paninaro which appears on the B-side here, … Continue reading #961 Pet Shop Boys – Suburbia 12”


#875 Alison Moyet – Hometime

This is the Essex gal’s fifth solo album, which if you’ve never heard, you really should do – you’re in for a treat. It’s a classy affair, with lush production and Moyet’s gutsy heartfelt voice. It’s nothing like Yazoo or the pop of her first few solo albums, and whereas I like this earlier music … Continue reading #875 Alison Moyet – Hometime

#1395 Pet Shop Boys – Back To Mine

Along with the Eurythmics, the Pet Shop Boys were one of the few bands I actually followed in ‘real time’, becoming quite obsessed with Paninaro from their second album Disco (a remix album of half the tracks from their first album Actually). For some reason I wrote out all the lyrics to Paninaro in runes, … Continue reading #1395 Pet Shop Boys – Back To Mine