#416 Elbow – Asleep In The Back

This is Elbow’s first album from 2001, which did kind of okay at the time, but was just one of several in a flurry of new Manchester/Northern bands at the turn of the century. Based on this decent but not overwhelming debut one would not have imagined they’d go on to become the majestic stadium-filling … Continue reading #416 Elbow – Asleep In The Back


#153 Art Blakey – The Jazz Messengers

The second Blakey album to pop up in little over a month. I first came across Art Blakey about 10 years ago when I started learning to play the drums. I can’t say I’ve developed much since then, as either a Blakey connoisseur or a drummer. The music on this record however is superb and … Continue reading #153 Art Blakey – The Jazz Messengers

#1132 Rolling Stones – Let it Bleed

This album is the perfect marriage of blues and rock, with more emphasis on the former than previous albums, with their Robert Johnson cover Love In Vain and the countrified version of Honky Tonk Woman, here titled Country Honk. As an album it’s pretty much perfection in terms of creating a collection of songs and … Continue reading #1132 Rolling Stones – Let it Bleed

#473 Fatboy Slim – You’ve Come A Long Way Baby

This was mahoosive wasn’t it? And rightly so. It feels as though little popular music since has so completely captured the zeitgeist and popular imagination as this era of Big Beat with Fatboy Slim, The Chemical Brothers, Basement Jaxx and all. It features big hooks, fat beats, and deft pilfering of a well-stocked record collection. … Continue reading #473 Fatboy Slim – You’ve Come A Long Way Baby