#867 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Requiem

Mozart’s masterpiece, or one of them at least. This is my favourite Requiem, with Faure running a close second and Verdi in third place. There’s something about its solemnity and gravitas as well as its sheer tunefulness that takes the traditional catholic mass of the dead to a whole new level. Perhaps in these stuttering … Continue reading #867 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Requiem


#626 Joseph Haydn – Symphonies No 102 and 104

I don’t often listen to Haydn, I tend to prefer my classical music to be sitting at the modern end of the bench and somewhat discordant in nature. However, it was a joy to listen to this. I confess I didn’t listen to my actual CD, but on iPod and headphones where I immersed myself … Continue reading #626 Joseph Haydn – Symphonies No 102 and 104

#119 Beethoven – Missa Solemnis

My initial (ignorant) observation of this, not having listened to it for several years, is that’s its very long. Even by classical symphonic standards, it’s long. 80 mins long – you do always get your money’s worth with Beethoven. It’s a solid work in all respects, and one that Beethoven himself considered his greatest. Written … Continue reading #119 Beethoven – Missa Solemnis