#589 Gomez – Bring It On

There were a lot of great indie guitar bands in the 90s. There was a whole resurgence of pop music played on ‘proper’ instruments, perhaps as a reaction to the synth-led 80s. Gomez were one of them. In fact, still are. They’re still occasionally producing albums and have recently toured on the back of the … Continue reading #589 Gomez – Bring It On


#23 alt-J – An Awesome Wave

This may be one of the most exciting debuts in the last 5 years. I certainly recall the moment I first heard about alt-J, it was whilst doing the post-dinner washing up in my kitchen listening to BBC 6Music. There was some discussion speculating on the sexual content of the song Fitzpleasure, and it piqued … Continue reading #23 alt-J – An Awesome Wave

#150 Black Star Liner –Bengali Bantam Youth Experience

Their 1999 Mercury Music Prize nomination was the reason for me seeking out these guys. Part of the so-called British Asian Underground, their mix of dub beats, soundtrack-style-strings and record sampling was a winning combination. Not of the Mercury Prize unfortunately, it went to Talvin Singh for OK that year, but they gained airplay and … Continue reading #150 Black Star Liner –Bengali Bantam Youth Experience