#111 The Beatles – With The Beatles

A sophomore album of the highest degree, recorded and released within the same year as their debut, you can already hear how fast they’re developing – in confidence and compositional skills. This record has seven Lennon-McCartney originals on it, as well as George Harrison’s first outing, and they all get a share of the lead … Continue reading #111 The Beatles – With The Beatles


#767 John Lennon – Shaved Fish

I’ve covered this record a little already, when my CD copy of The John Lennon Collection popped up on the randometer, when I remarked that this was my preferred Lennon compilation (that I own). It still is, all these weeks later. It was released in 1975 when Lennon’s star was dulling a little, after his … Continue reading #767 John Lennon – Shaved Fish

#1502 Stevie Wonder – The Definitive Collection

My first introduction to Stevie Wonder was singing an arrangement of Ebony & Ivory in my church choir. I found it nauseating then, and still do. Shortly after that, the entire world was singing I Just Called To Say I Love You. I heard it in the playground way before I heard it on the … Continue reading #1502 Stevie Wonder – The Definitive Collection

#754 John Lennon – The Collection

It’s cool to like Lennon, to rate him over McCartney, to see him as the rebel heart of the Beatles, the ‘innovative’ one, whereas McCartney just wrote the ‘nice tunes’. But, and I say this with no expertise on the matter whatsoever, on the basis of listening to the songs on this collection, it is, … Continue reading #754 John Lennon – The Collection