#1169 Shakespears Sister – Sacred Heart

My first tape cassette! Wonderful coincidence that it should have a direct connection with the previous random record. The connection of course is David Stewart, who married Siobhan Fahey in 1987, just after the release of Revenge and a couple of years before the release of this, their debut. Shakespears Sister (the apostrophe disappeared by … Continue reading #1169 Shakespears Sister – Sacred Heart


#460 Eurythmics – Revenge

Still now, over 30 years later, I can clearly recall the excitement of unwrapping this album (on cassette) at the breakfast table before school on my 14th birthday. It was a gift from my Aunt, who was cool and bought me music that I asked for, unlike my parents, who didn’t. I remember being particularly … Continue reading #460 Eurythmics – Revenge

#576 Goldfrapp – Head First

I love Goldfrapp. Muchly. There’s really no one else doing quite what they do, and they’ve carved a little niche of their own. This album, their 5th, is arguably their most straightforward - pure unashamed electro disco pop but, as much as I love them, my least favourite. Each of their albums showcases Alison Goldfrapp’s … Continue reading #576 Goldfrapp – Head First

#459 Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

This was my first Eurythmics album, proudly owned on cassette tape, then replaced by CD, and this particular vinyl version was bought a couple of years ago at the record fair in Utrecht for a few euros. The Eurythmics was one of the few bands I was a fan of in my youth at the … Continue reading #459 Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)