#85 BBC Radiophonic Workshop – Fourth Dimension

This is a 2014 Music on Vinyl reissue of a 1973 release from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. I bought my copy from the fantastic Concerto record shop in Amsterdam whilst I was living and working in the city. It features radio and TV signature tunes and incidental music created through the Workshop’s distinctive approach, as … Continue reading #85 BBC Radiophonic Workshop – Fourth Dimension

#47 Joan Armatrading – The Very Best Of

I first came across Joan Armatrading in 1992 from her song City Girl on a compilation owned by my Aunt (who I was living with at the time). I can’t remember the comp but was utterly struck by the song and it took me at least a decade to track it down again on her … Continue reading #47 Joan Armatrading – The Very Best Of

#84 BBC Radiophonic Workshop – BBC Radiophonic Music

This is a good if far from definitive primer of the Beeb’s electronic soundsmiths beeps and blips at the coalface of electronic music. In the UK at least. It is a 2002 CD release and remastered version of the original 1968 album. As Desmond Briscoe (one of the co-founders, along with Daphne Oram, whose work … Continue reading #84 BBC Radiophonic Workshop – BBC Radiophonic Music

#448 Brian Eno – Another Green World

Now undisputedly one of the most famous baldies in pop, this classic album dates back to when he had hair. Quite a lot of it in those post-glam rock days. This is Eno’s third album, just before he ‘invented ambient music’ (spoiler: he didn’t really) and one that was self-consciously experimental. As with his previous … Continue reading #448 Brian Eno – Another Green World