#129 Belly – Sweet Ride: The Best Of

It might seem strange for a band that only released two albums (before last year’s surprising reformation) to justify a ‘best of’ compilation. But for the newbies to Belly, this is a good starting point. I bought the CD because I only had their albums on cassette, copied for me by an ex-girlfriend, so this was a cheaper alternative at the time than replacing them both on another format.

I really like Tanya Donelly’s voice, it has a fierce strength to it under that sweet lightness. I was a little too young at the time to be aware of her earlier work with Throwing Muses and The Breeders, and besides was too busy exploring Hendrix and Bowie and Zeppelin via the Record Library, so my introduction to Belly and Donelly and her previous band incarnations was via this girlfriend.

I’ve probably not listened to this much since I bought it when released in 2002, so it was great to immerse myself again in that mid 90s oestrogen-driven indie grunge rock. It contains all the singles: Gepetto, Feed the Tree, Super Connected, Seal My Fate to name just some of the highlights, as well as a smattering of B-sides and oddities such as Trust in Me from Disney’s The Jungle Book and a French version of Judas My Heart plus a handful of covers. It’s great stuff, though not quite as good as just listening to Star (in particular) on its own. I shall, however, now check out their new crowdfunded album Dove.

Best Bits: Feed The Tree – such a great indie pop song and their biggest hit
Genre: Indie Pop
Like This, Try This: Lovesongs for Underdogs, Donelly’s debut solo album. At the time I became particularly obsessed with this track: Mysteries of the Unexplained

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