#886 Muse – Live At Rome Olympic Stadium

I bought this 2013 album on CD for my wife in 2016 when we lived in Amsterdam. It was a small piece of recent nostalgia from when we also went to see Muse in Rome. Not this concert though, but at Rock in Roma in 2015.

Muse give good rock. All power chords, thundering bass and drums, hyperactive guitar and histrionic vocals. They’re masters of the super massive apocalyptic paranoia that we need in our lives right now. Muse have been singing about this sort of stuff for years, and now it seems that the world has finally caught up with them.

The album is an exhilarating ride through studio albums 3 to 6. The 2nd Law, the release they were touring at the time, is not their best album, but its opening track Supremacy sure is one helluva guitar-shredding heart-pumping opening to this concert. The Italians know all the words to the choruses (and occasional swear words) and it works wonderfully well as a live album in the way that so many of them don’t.

Muse’s songs are not subtle, and do not need to be played on the best sound equipment in the comfort of your own home: they’re best appreciated very loud jumping up and down in a foreign field with thousands of sweaty strangers.

Best Bits: All of them, but Knights of Cydonia takes the biscuit for the combination of the introductory harmonica solo, the local crowd’s frenzied excitement when Matt Bellamy shouts out ‘Morricone!’, the awesome juddering guitar riff, the ridiculously wonderful chorus of ‘no-one’s going to take me alive’ and the sheer progtastic joy of that song title.
Genre: Stadium Rock
Like This, Try This: One from Muse’s latest album, Simulation Theory, where they reach new levels of self-parody (whilst not caring a jot I imagine) and they appear to be channelling Queen era Hot Space in the next Tron movie


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